I agree with every single point you made. I felt Tan’s pain with his tears and all but that last line killed whatever emotion I was feeling for him. Oh I think it’s purposeful, and supposed to be an outward reflection of his character’s tendency to march to the beat of a different drummer. I’m capable fighting my own battles, but I find it that much more fun to sit back and let the men duke it out. The writer never delves into the awesomeness. But in the last episode, I realised that this sentence was for Kim Won.

Why do we finally get a hint of some interesting character development, only to have it happen literally with ONE hour to go? Everyone was dressed in beautiful evening clothes. Joon-sang is resting on a couch I his hotel room when he get a sudden chill. Eun Sang emerges from behind the fluttering clothing. Oh, I didn’t know, so funny! A break from dramas would be nice. Once he realized what his mother has done, he probably doubted he was even worth loving.

What I disliked about his ending is that he was mostly a sulky side character for most of the drama when he was going to end up being the one representing what the premise stood for.

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The previews ware ominous. Esther says they will talk tomorrow without the kids. The main leads are written the weakest in the drama. Being with the woman I love is what will fulfill my life and give me no regrets for the future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

And so once again he is in pain.

Which is more important to you. He found out that Eun Sang did not leave the country, nor did she even report her passport stolen. But sinopsia surprise for me was finding out that several of the students were re-enforcing it when they were feeling suicidal.


Recap: The Heirs Episode 17

Ivoire December 5, at 2: What upsets me the most is that they didn’t even do anything episde my favourite characters. Shit really hit the fan for real… first of all for Soo Min and Shi Hyun…. But his smile falters once she closes her hotel room door. I think you are referring the Korean word for “kids”. He wipes away traces of tears from her face and smiles.

I like your take on the outline, it makes sense. Joon-sang promises that this time it will be different, and they will never part again. Enough with all the misunderstanding, we all need the plot to thighten between shi yun and soo min not loosen them. I don’t care about all the naysayers. But dad is deaf to this.

It started off nice and slow, just exploring daily life, but then it seemed to rush a bit. For some reason, it doesn’t work on my computer anymore. That’s a shame imo.

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Hello Faye again, I had only been watching Heirs, and I read a lot of blogs about it, while I was watching it. And my reality was not a bad place to be.

He smiles and waves to her. Must speak to the housekeeper about that.

This finale episode did it for me. It’s just logically impossible. There is a particularly fluffy gray kitty at the veterinary clinic. I wish the writers could finish filming these dramas before it starts airing.

Drunk Qian Gu should never be allowed to happen again. It’s like they gave this exciting blurb at the back of book about romance, brother rivalry and company hijinks, making us thinking the book must not missed and needed to be read and then we read the book and are bored to tears and full frustration because we knew it should have been so much better.


She always talked about how she didn’t want KT to lose out to his brother. I just hate this dude Mo Yan so much. Her character was so mediocre but through the right circumstances she managed to weasel her way into coveted positions. But this breakup was initiated by a different circumstance. Okay… so I realized it was a bad idea to come here after watching episode For an inexplicable reason, HGQ becomes a clingy, overdependent girl around her shifu.

He looked more like someone in his 20s I like that’s he taking up the position of Eun-sang’s protector and letting his feelings for her take a back seat to that. Valerie Gudorf December 12, at 4: She proceeds to tell him about her three dreams; the first dream, she was a rock surrounded by beautiful flowers and birds but she wanted to fly, in her second dream, she became a bird and wanted to fly higher.

Omo, what has the world come to?