I don’t think we have a love square here with Yeo-wol, Kang-chi, Tae-seo and Gon. I remember asking about SB a few ep. Is love going to conquer all? A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Don’t have to expect everyone else to accept your opinions and start thinking the same way. The premise is good, but the execution

KC very much wanted to be accepted for who he is. I want to say something about that kiss I agree with all your comments. Seunggi, I know it must have been difficult for you to do that, so thanks for the fan service! You taught me that! I mean people are misunderstanding, mistreating, betraying each other etc

He is a demon. She heads out to meet Kang-chi, who apparently asked to meet. The episde aspect is where I am not convinced.

Even way back before he knew that he was only have human, this was clearly evident. The comedy in this episode was so ridiculously fun.

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Thanks again rainerust, I appreciate it. As he woke up, he was supposed to be a demon, but he was still in one piece, so to speak. Lee Soon-shin arrives to survey the damage and meets with Kang-chi alone. They turn around and run right into Tae-seo and Gon, and everyone stands there awkwardly noticing the handhold but not talking about it. This whole thing feels like a fairy tale! GW with a gun is more frightening than demon WR.


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I don’t see Kangchi actually killing his father, but I really don’t think he’s going to live either. D” And YW’s expression and apologizing made it even funnier: Master Dam grips his sword and both men growl as they get ready to charge.

Dramabeans is what feeds my needs for KDramas. Hi Ivoire, sorry for the late reply as rainerust has explained, in Asia, especially in east Asia, there always be legend, myth, story about a god who protects the mountains, usually in form of spirit or animal.

This actress is not as pretty as the other Seo Hwa,, unless its the hairdo How can anyone not love him? Thank you so much for your comments Pearl, they are always appreciated. Love the end of the ep too. Could it also be a milestone in KC’s quest to become human? But I think he means the literal end.

I would better get my head cool again. More offscreen squelching noises! So he probably thinks he really killed him.



I was so glad to sinopsid you have passed by! I took the vines as protecting Kangchi by stopping him from fighting his daddy.

It would be interesting. If love conquers all it’ll be reserved for the main OTP. The last scene where Seo-Hwa comes face sinolsis face with Kang Chi would mean more IF she, like the other – oh- people in the village had heard the rumor about Kang-Chi being found in the river and being half gumiho.

They tend to be long, don’t they: Thank you writer and director for forcing epjsode to take his shirt off. Lurker June 3, at Her excuse was that she could not hurt her father and brother.

And so, did he start with his desire to become human at some point on the spectrum, and then the reasons changed or evolved or were added to his original reason? That is so cute.