Your email address will not be published. I really really want to love this one cause it’s the one that I’ve been anticipating the most. I think she’s supposed to look slightly disheveled all the time. Best Love on the other hand has been exceeding my expectations. If not, how else could you have married Hyun Ki-joon? And did I mention Lee Min-ho? They are just taking away screen time for the main couple to be together, which is a bummer because right now, I’m loving AJ’s scenes and relationship with Sang Hee..

As this is a Korean drama she would have to just work her way through it.. I dont feel much sympathy for them, and feel bad for the male characters for being saddled with a clingy “trouble-maker” type LOL. She starts sobbing in earnest, and cries herself to sleep. What if she hurt herself? I just sit here and wonder why she’s keeping this lie going. Ah-jung has shared the gist of the tale with Sang-hee, including the identity of her partner-in-scandal, and she worries that Ki-joon will be mightily pissed off. But kind of like siblings, or noona-dongsaeng, which is gonna make this painful for the dongsaeng when it comes time to back off, methinks…. It started out strong, but leveled off with this episode.

Judging by the preview, looks like episode 4 will be better. And did I mention Lee Min-ho? Meskipun Ki-joon menekankan bahwa kebohongan Ah-jung tidak bisa dimaafkan dan tetap menindaklanjuti gugatannya. If not, how else could you have married Hyun Ki-joon? After watching a drama like 49 days. Thanks for the recap! I have no change. Ah-jung walks out episodd exceedingly pleased with herself, while So-ran screeches in frustration. Ki-joon kebingungan kepada dirinya sendiri tentang komitmennya terhadap mantan tunangannya Yoon-joo.

Maybe Sanghee is right after all Its more friendship than romantic, its good. I think it’s because of its predictability as you pointed out, JB. All drama kind of like stew-pit. I’m looking forward to when she tries acting in a melodrama even though some people might not be looking forward to it.


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Eun Hye is very cute though so I’ll endure and hope for the best He could have done so much better with a better script. YEH being the rescue here. I enjoyed today’s episode, but I feel like it could be so much more IF the scriptwriter does her job well.

I’m glad that I watched it though. I feel bored at times but I felt less bored in this episode than in the previous two. Ah-jung spies Jae-bum walking into the cafe and ducks her head, but he sees her anyway and says hello.

Feel kadoramq Kang Ji Hwan is not given a chance to shine. The plot is moving too slow and very predictable. Again, its only 3 episodes and we can see the good kadrama coming.

Ketika hal ini tidak berjalan sesuai rencana, Ki-joon memutuskan untuk mengambil tindakan hukum terhadap Ah-jung. Ki-joon approaches menacingly, and Ah-jung stammers that it was all a misunderstanding. So, I’m still painfully hanging here, waiting for the story line to be mature.

It doesn’t make sense.

I loved all their scenes together. The writer on the other hand Am I starting to ship the ”wrong” pair? Give me a break I can feel her sincerity fpisode she cries and it makes me tear up too hehe. Drama Korea Lie to Me: Ditched on her date, Ae-kyung calls Ah-jung to the jimjilbang and gripes about her workaholic father.

However, there is just way too much time spent on side characters kavorama not letting our OTP move much further. Lalu siapakah yang akan dipilih Ki-joon? It too be seen if they can carry it on for the full length of the drama, without too much distracting ‘filler’ or unwanted drama. Compared to Best Love, Lie to Me seems really boring So-ran is about to leave for Canada, without Jae-bum.


This is not really good sign. Tetapi Ki-joon dan Ah-jung menjadi lebih dekat dan menyukai satu sama lain selama pernikahan pura-pura mereka. Called by Ah-jung, Sang-hee arrives at the hotel, still taking care to hide his face from employees who might recognize him. Do I really care? They say it like every episode Which is disappointing to say the least.

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Episodes by odilettante. One thing that gets revealed in the conversation: I love that about her, when she connects with a character like that.

He smiles that studying rather than surgery seems characteristic of her. I kind of feel as if YEH’s overacting but I can forgive her in some moments like the end of episode 2. Not interested and didn’t care. I hope this does not affect the cast’s health too badly, especially Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan’s since they have the most scenes Watched it for Kim Tae-hee’s clothes and accessories, mostly.

I think I’d be less disappointed if it didn’t have such a spectacular cast. Situasi menjadi lebih rumit ketika mantan tunangan Ki-joon kembali dari Perancis. I love how the little white lie has snowballed