Seo-young buys the drinks and Woo-jae comes round, timing it perfectly. W-w-what are you talking about all of a sudden? How could you understand? While dusting the top of their dresser, he finds a box he has never seen before. Save my father, Woo-jae-sshi. How horrible a people were you trying to make us?

Though I have had my issues with writer So Hyeon-kyeong, I must give credit where it is due. When the Lees discovered that Seo-young was getting divorced, both the brother and father feel guilty as each believed this event was somehow triggered by themselves which both technically did in different time frames. Mom used to say that I took after Father. Though My Daughter Seo-young is almost at an end, we hope your time here with us is just beginning!! She sees another voice recording in the list and, wondering what it is, plays it. Mi-kyung confronts Sang-woo about protecting his sister’s lies. The mysterious guest is none other than Seo-young, whom Ho-jung invites in.

Mama Kang hands Seo-young the contract President Kang signed, asking her to notarize it.

Another shocking moment is Sang-woo discovering Mi-kyung’s true identity. But before they can leave, Sung-jae calls and tells Papa Choi that he got an invitation to audition for a weekend drama. Although his affair with the other woman was never exposed, this indiscretion lead Ki-beom and his wife to separate.

However, sinopdis controlling mother sends her away to study overseas. After hearing the news, President and Mama Kang become lost in regret and seotoung as they silently drive home. The recap got so much longer than I had ever expected hence the delayand I feel your brains are just as fried as mine.

They just make me wish I experience a love like that one day! My sincere apologies if I forgotsies someone again! In the hospital, before the coma, Papa Lee had said he craved yeol-moo gook-soo [cold noodles in a radish-based soup], a signature dish of Mama Lee. It is very helpful for me as a korean drama addicted.


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Mama Choi concedes that point, and she starts choking up at the thought that if her father was alive, he would have gone and brought back Papa Choi. I would never have gotten my act together if I had not seen your wedding with my own two eyes. I can go on forever. Frustration boiling over, she grabs her glass but accidentally grabs the champagne instead of the water, and starts to gulp it down.

She agrees, but adds that her heart just hurts so much. Woo-jae takes the seat Sun-woo just vacated and tells a confused Seo-young that the whole thing was a setup by Sun-woo and Lawyer Go. President Kang sits at home, thinking about the conversation he had with Mama Kang at the coffee shop.

Confused, she heads out and sees a white limo, adorned in balloons, pull up underneath her balcony. I have Sang-woo, who is always on my side; and I have a father I can return to.

[vietsub] Seo Young, My Daughter Ep 48 P2/3

Seo-young protests that she wants to marry her dad, but Papa Lee shows her how when she marries, his role is to walk her in then give her hand to the groom. Papa Lee weakly smiles at the two, eeoyoung to reassure them that he is fine.

She numbly tells him to head home since his parents are sure to worry, plus he has to go to work tomorrow. Regardless of how he pushed me, I made that decision. And Thanks for let me translate your recap to my language. He walks past sinppsis wide-eyed Seo-young and makes it downstairs.

I was supposed to go jogging early this morning but I thought about coming here first — dinopsis waiting since last nite for this — thanks a million, carrotbloosom — you are amazing!

After everything that has happened, Seo-young takes deep reflection upon herself as well as the actions of the people around her, especially her father.


How could you understand? Mi-kyung quickly makes the connection and frantically calls Woo-jae, asking if the person who saved him last fall was Papa Lee. A more fitting end I would not be able to find. Woo-jae works late into the night, and Seo-young waits for him, checking her phone to see if he had called.

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I wavered, for he approached me in that difficult sepyoung, but I did not want to get married in spite of opposition from parentsand I did not think you would approve of the marriage. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. And, uh, Woo-jae, that position is reserved for Papa Lee.

It is now time for the brides to make their procession down the aisle, and a gorgeously understated yet elegant Seo-young makes her way to a nervous Papa Lee. Back inside the house, Woo-jae asks how much his parents know, and Mama Kang says they know everything — that Papa Lee saved him, and that he saw their wedding. Over at the Kang residence, Mama Kang is piggybacking an adooorable baby girl.

[vietsub] Seo Young, My Daughter Ep 48 P3/3

Love the eyebrow raise and haughty demeanor. You were like a real doctor. Said like a true older sister. But because of all of you, I was able to get back on the horse that bucked me, and because of all of you, I was able to persevere when the going got rough.

Bang is leaving, and Seo-young walks her out. When you went to America, each and every day I felt as though the earth caved beneath my feet.