Han and Sa Ran pass each other in a meaningful slow motion moment in the ladies loo. New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 20 Raw. This series explores the premise that gisaeng still existed in modern-day Korea. Her step mum really stepped up to the wicked step mother role here and succeeded in making me angry! Retrieved from ” https: New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 18 Raw.

New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 4 Raw. New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 21 Raw. Geum continues to try to find the adjumma they gave the baby to by putting an advert in the paper. Da Mo decides that he might as well just get married and have a child as his parents want him to. Geum will be available soon. Sa Ran is in shock. New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 36 Raw. New Tales of Gisaeng Hangul:

Sa Ran has trouble with her step mum.

Being told about the divorce and her real parents all in one go is hard on Ra Ra and she has to grow up quickly! But of course, as he reaches up to her hair he falls back on the bed and dies.

New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 23 Raw. Im Sung Han source: Son Ja and Sa Ran have to pull them apart. By chance, she meets Da Mo and falls for him, but doesn’t tell him because of her poor background. New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 27 Raw. Seoul, Korea, or Yonsei They set him up with some blind dates. Fate is starting to go against Sa Ran. Views Read Edit View history. New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 20 Raw. Sa Ran is in shock. Sa Ran has a lot to deal with — her step mother, their lack of money, the truth about her past, and Da Mo turning up everywhere she goes.


This page was last edited on 14 Februaryat Dan Sa Ran majored in dance while attending college.

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Drawing the attention of Buyonggak’s head gisaeng with her dancing talent and classic beauty, Sa-ran enters Korea’s sole traditional gisaeng house, an exclusive establishment that serves only VIP guests. Da Mo is still having problems at home and is frustrated about the way his dad treats him and his mum.

Again Dad stands weakly by. New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 38 Raw. New Tales of Gisaeng Promotional poster. Geum that she wants a divorce after the days mourning is over. When he comes out he plans to get a paternity test to see if he is related to Sa Ran. He tries to get his mum to stand up to his dad.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They find several suitable girls from wealthy families. Da Mo tries to support his mum in these situations but she stops him when he tries to say something. New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 25 Raw. Pretty Little Liars Season 2 starting from June 8, Da Mo in the hot spring.

He hears that the woman he is searching for is dead. Their friendship is in tatters and Son Ja escorts Ra Ra away and drives her home. The family are shocked to hear this! Sa Ran is surprised about the gifts but they all enjoy the Korean beef they were given as a gift for dinner. A head episod at Buyongkak recommended her to become a gisaeng. His parents are worried they live in a conservative society but dad says he will support his son no matter what.

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Grandfather takes a bowl of water outside to pray to find his granddaughter, while his daughter in law looks on, sadly. Ra Ra changes dramatically — She has to grow up quickly after she learns more about her family.


Oh sees that Sa Ran has not thought this through so she gives her some money and tells her to think about it more. Sa Ran is torn because she wants to go to the funeral but knows Da Mo will atles there. Sa Ran is the only one in the room.

It looks like her step mother has finally won. She is so manipulative using different tricks to make Sa Ran financially support the family.

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But Sa Ran knows that gisaengs have a bad reputation in Korea and she wants to be a professional dancer. He is not interested in getting to know her. New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 40 Raw. Sa Ran feels bad but at the same time is looking forward to seeing Da Mo when he gets back from Japan.

New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 11 Raw. Go on then, leave, Ov was shouting at the screen at this point. Stressed out she takes time off work. New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 39 Raw. New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 15 Raw.

New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 29 Raw. Her mother died when she was still young and her father remarried.

New Tales of Gisaeng Episode 10 Raw. New Tales of Gisaeng Hangul: Han is in shock that Ra Ra is not her daughter after all.