Still, after watched the drama, read the manhwa and then rewatch it again, the plot from drama still less confusing and dragging from drama. Belakangan, terungkap bahwa biang keladi semuanya adalah Putri Hye-jong. I’ve seen this drama back in and I decided to watch it again last week. Hw did she gr pregnant.. Tidak sedikit dari pengunjung yang iri melihat kedekatan mereka dan hanya menonton dari kejauhan, termasuk Yool. I didn’t like the part that she got pregnant, they never did anything, at least not in any episode, hehe Hal itu sudah tentu membuatnya dan Chae-kyoung, yang sempat berusaha melindungi namun tidak berhasil, sedih bukan main.

Sebelum meninggalkan Korea, Chae-kyoung mendapat kesempatan selama satu hari untuk menghabiskan waktu bersama Shin. Don’t believe it, ladies! Melihat kejadian itu, Yool berusaha menghibur Chae-kyoung dengan menggenggam tangan gadis itu. The best part was when they were starting to fall for each other,but when they finally confessed their love,they ended up separated because of the King’s decision. Han Xiu April 25, at 2: If the prince passed the thrown to his sister,he could have went straight to the princess and be with her.

Safe to say I wasn’t too fond of him after that. It would have been nice if they were in Paris, the prince pursued being a director and the princess in designing. These two have been married for a long time, but I don’t remember any episode where prindess were implied to have consummated their marriage. Belakangan, pemuda itu menangkap basah Putri Hye-jong saat berbicara secara rahasia.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Tidak hanya itu, dengan berani Selir Hye-jong juga datang ke pesta keluarga kerajaan. Maybe i just couldnt get over the story and wanted it to be perfect until the end. Maybe I was expecting more,now that prinfess know they feel the same way.

She gets hiccups and he’s “helping” her get over them and she tells him that’s not helping. Sabtu, 19 Desember Princess Hours Episode Bertekad untuk menunjukkan sang suami kebiasaan hidupnya sehari-hari, mereka tertawa bahagia dan di tengah keramaian, keduanya berciuman lagi dengan mesra. Just started to go on a Yoon Eun Hye streak cos I wanted to see why people love her so much There were two assumed get togethers.


The setting setting could have been in Paris,since the Prince wanted to be free as a bird. As you say, I was quite involved the first 15 episodes and then I got irritated by the characters all of them but i can’t stop watching.

Tiger Holland November 12, at Newer Post Older Post Home. She could have been so surprised and ran into his arms. I keep thinking she would have fuck whith him from the scratch let’s say their first night together there would have been no problem at all Sabtu, 19 Desember Princess Hours Episode 8.

Unknown May 14, at 3: I know why chae-kyung is leaving but why and where is shin going?! Begitu tahu Hyo-rin punya hubungan dengan Shin, dengan licik ia berusaha memanfaatkan gadis itu supaya bisa kembali merebut tahta kerajaan.

Hw did she gr pregnant. You’re right but it’s part of the female malediction.

Korea Lovers: Princess Hours (Episode 8)

Due to this being after school for kids in Korea they don’t show all the intimate details but you get the picture. Anyway,she still surprised him in the car. Tuesday, August 7, K-Drama Review: Honestly first time seeing this I love hw the uptight prince came to love the girl he never wanted bt I loved it.

But in episode 23,when he goes in her room and tells her he misses her and goes in for a kiss and she dramq is this for nours I guess now they’re married and are expecting a baby,i guess they wouldnt have to be apart anymore. Melihat kejadian itu, Yool berusaha menghibur Chae-kyoung dengan menggenggam tangan gadis itu. It was nice that they renewed their vows this time,in their own will.


Nessa Rubette Orito June 28, at Ia tidak sadar akan rencana sang menantu, yang seolah semakin princese peluang ketika mendengar pernikahan Shin dan Chae-kyoung dilaksanakan karena kondisi kesehatan Kaisar.

Allways been attracted by the bad guy I didn’t like the part that she got pregnant, they never did anything, at least not in any episode, hehe I’m with the author Tiger Holland on this one.

Diberitahu kalau posisi Shin semakin genting, Chae-kyoung langsung menyanggupi saat diminta untuk mau ‘mengungsi’ ke luar negeri. Yeah I was also breaking mai head hw she is getting pregnant Tiger Holland August 25, at Cynthia Siegel August 27, at I just wish they weren’t apart for so long after what they have been through.

So next in line to the throne is still Shin. Which Begs the Question: Belakangan, terungkap bahwa biang keladi semuanya adalah Putri Hye-jong.

Meski kaget, Ibu Suri merasa sangat senang karena merasa keluarganya kini telah utuh lagi. XINE January 19, at 3: I think about 12 to 14 episodes would have been perfect. They really could have developed some of the characters a lot more– particularly Hyorin, if she indeed is supposed to be a main character she practically disappeared as if she never existed in the last, what 8 episodes??