She tells him that they definitely cannot, this is their home. So she goes and files a complaint to her daddy. Retrieved from ” https: She explains that a lot of things occurred in Shanghai and Tang Jun was always there by her side. She already has no chance. Does he wish for her to forgive him and Xiao Jie and wish them all the best? After the meeting, the Su Su asks Xiao Jie why she is back here working. Notify me of new comments via email.

Hello… Can you please tell me how to download? Chu Chu is drinking wine to drown her sorrows. Without a second glance, he sign the paper. Why, why does he not like her or accept her? Shortly after, Tang Jun is arm-twisted to go to Taiwan by his mother, who wants his help in a business deal. Uncle Zeng is at the Tang household demanding to see Tang Jun who is currently not here. He is about to leave when she asks him why must he want her to return to the company. She tells them that Zi Qi is the real buyer of the Tang residence, so they need to deal with him.

He asks why is it that none of the banks will loan money to them? I will just enjoy their sweet moment while I can. Looks like she has forgotten. He directly tells him that it is siopsis of what he did to Chu Chu.

Ahahahahha, when writing recaps google translator and chinese dictionaries are my best friend. Back at the hotel, she tells Jia Yi that after walking through the rain she discovered that quesn mind has been cleared.


Thank you for the summary now I can re-watch it and enjoy it even more! Even i click not in mirror but pxsk is still mirror files and i dont know how to download? I have trouble myself sometimes. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. They really change, do they? Wow, I never thought Tang Mi would go to this extreme to save the quee.

SOP Queen Episode 29 Recap | A Fairytale World

Her secretary shows her proof that eppisode was indeed the CEO who requested this. Ahahahahhaa, well my chinese is not that good either. You are not a TJ-XJ shipper?

I bet you she is crying at the incredulity of the script, too. Oh, I never thought that Zi Qi would agree to do this. Tang Mi if her with what right does she have to decide for her. I am still so surprised whenever I come back and see so many new recaps each day!

SOP Queen Episode 28 Recap

Notify me of new comments via email. She will return to Shanghai and find him to talk this out.

Daily KO One Return. Are you really trying to pull off every drama cliche in the last episode?! In all good news, she is well. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: She promises that she will not let them [Tang Jun and Xiao Jie] to be happy. Crystal July 27, at To the more dreary bits, we then see Chu Chu quen Director Zeng. Zi Qi promises to do well on this project. Because dramas seem to forget sometimes that it is the 21st century and people communicate in other ways too, not just face to face.


He tells her that he has got this al sorted and also warns Tang Mi that they better not visit Chu Chu now. Wow, I finally realised that Godfrey Gao is tall, really tall! Tang Jun asks him that as a shareholder, why would he use such a method to empty the company? She will solve this and get to the bottom episodee this matter.

Everything is running smoothly at Huang Hai, and we are treated to mores cutesy moments between our OTP in a meeting and during lunch break. On the serious note, he tells Chu Chu and Zi Qi that they are his most trusted people now and hopes that they will get along well to make the company a Zeng family company. He asks her if she is angry? Jia Yi is so cute and adorable!