When I started watching I already accepted the fact that someone or even all of the lead characters might die. Open your mouth when you kiss such a hot man who obviously loves you so much! Cid April 5, at 1: Kamsa hamnida, Geu Gyeowool, Barami Boonda for being such a beautiful drama, and thank you because through you, we discovered Jo In Sung. The vaunted cinematography of this drama may appear genuinely impressive at first, but it dawns upon you sooner or later that, however it wants to emulate it, this is not a Merchant-Ivory film. Here’s the guy who warned you again and again that Kim was bad news, to get out of Dodge ASAP and don’t look back, who was always trying to get you out of the gangster life – and so you take the knife and leave the only true villain in the entire melo and go all the way out to the rooftop to stab your friend.

Well, there was no wrenching of the guts here. I was happy with the happy ending, too. So in a sense, this ending was a miracle painted in the most idealistic way possible. Theoretically, you have a beautiful setup with Jin Sung regarding Soo as his brother, as a part of his family, as the object of his loyalty and on the other side his commitment to his blood-related family and Hee Sun and Boss Kim in the background, pulling evil strings and digging his grave. But, bite the cat that corners you, don’t run and bite your mouse friend D’: HeadsNo2, I wish I could meet you in person during the Dramabeans Meetup and personally say how you’re one heck of a great writer and thinker but I’ll have to be content with this. I hope you have a good surgery. Never even thought of that!

So, you never know right!

They actually knew from the start that it would be happy ending since Writer Noh that it would be one. It seemed like the restaurant was Soo’s because he told her he actually wanted to cook because Jin Sung and Hee Sun both like his cooking. Even Wang’s redemption arc, though not something I agree with, was well supported within the story — it didn’t come out of nowhere. TWTWB just yeah a classic mellow drama, with a beautiful scene Honestly, after having long hair for so long and not being able to see it, probably one of the first things I would do is buy a wig I crack up at times while reading her recaps ’cause she’s writing about serious moments in such a dry, humorous way.


He has, because he loved a girl who was blind. Unknown Juli 25, In the meantime, Young gets wheeled in for surgery. They’re both crazy beautiful, I want to cry!! Open your mouth when you kiss such a hot man who obviously loves you so much!

So that combined with JS having to suffer watching hee Sun run thru flirtations equals he’s paying his betrayal dues so hello they are dead too. Even though I love Soo, the constant surprise-knifing is becoming its own parody at this point.

And then i realized, she was only recuperating possibly and thus through her eyes, things are still blurry. It will probably take how many months before the eyesight will go back to normal condition. I tried to write down all of the questions I still thw at the end, but my fingers got tired. Thank you for pointing out the many holes and for doing it with some humor at times.

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I had a soft spot for Moo Cheol though he was really badass, and I think Kim Tae Woo who plays Moo Cheol looks really good in leather jackets and he looks good for a year old.

I was happy with the happy ending, too. If it’d been left wnd Soo on a bicycle, then I’d have leaned towards him being dead. Because more than any other k-drama writer I can think of, NHK is gifted at writing highly relatable, complex characters whom I understand. The one glaring weakness, for me, was wnid whole Jin-sung stabs Soo scene.

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Are you kidding me, Soo? Ur comments cracked me up!!! But there was nothing to support that theory so it’s just Jin Sung doing something weird, lol. Oh, btw about the cherry blossom painting we saw in this episode I wonder what it will be?


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Yes, my eyes feasted with those beautiful cherry blossom ending but I still felt robbed. If the story is fast forward, then it is possible that the end will be like that.

The promise of sizzle from early on in the show fizzled out too. I do find myself chuckling at times when reading her recaps.

No surprise there especially after MC was redeemed, shown to be running interference all along and Wang was let off the hook which was crud.

Since it is a melo, I get that they don’t need to have everything tied into a neat happy ending. I love this show for all its prettiness and as much as I try to make myself truly love it, I can’t help but leave feeling empty and cold towards the latter part of the show.

Frankly, I am glad it ended at 16, unlike most dramas these days that stretch the episodes to 20, 24, and even 50, blkws there is hardly enough plot for But they crammed it into like a freaking two-minutes-reaction But to each their own i guess. The art part is just an excuse for porn. Ek khoirudin anwar loe sebener vlows bego apa idiot sih?

Soo looks at his watch and continues playing. I loved how Kim Bum’s character broke out of his loyalty and had that crazed, red rimmed look after he stabbed Oh Soo I sometimes miss some of those, and I appreciate when those are pointed out to me.

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I did share and understood your and others’ frustrations of the characters. Dramanya kan tayang hari senin dan selasa Yes, we do get a happy ending but it felt completely unsatisfying and made me feel so disappointed.

Nevertheless, was a great drama and im plan on re-watching it anytime soon.