Mann Pyasa — Episode — 28 — November 7, First of all I want to say that I loved the fact that Mustaqeem cannot hear a word against his father despite the fact that it is strictly for him and obey him many Mustaqeem times. Polio makes comeback in Venezuela after decades. Subscribe to receive new post. Another Thursday another interesting episode Sirat -e- Mustaqeem. So the time has come. In fact his father did not want to hear anything against his sister, niece or nephew! Nor may you transmit it or store it in any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system.

Mann Pyasa — Episode — 29 — November 14 , …. Laaj Last Episode Review. The Chawla Family Secrets Revealed! I was on the edge of my seat during the entire episode. What is Operating System. I really liked it.

These two episodes have shown living Mustaqeem, Rabia The story took a strange turn.

One other thing I loved was that they showed how family is still supportive in the rough times no matter what. This episode was much better than the previous one. It was slow, but it was definitely draama boring.


But it also shows something happening to Abeer. So the time has come.

Sirat e Mustaqeem

It was wit, sorrow, conflict and surprise. Overall, I loved the episode! This episode was great!

Another Thursday another interesting sorat Sirat -e- Mustaqeem. Subscribe to receive new post. AI better at finding skin cancer than doctors. Despite the fact that his father Firdous Jamal is a very religious and strict man and Khudgarz Episode Review: I have lost interest in that part of the show.

I was again stuck to my seat the entire time. The first episode of Sirat -e- Mustaqeem certainly was very interesting. We could see anger in his eyes and then when he had to answer her, his tone and facial expressions changed immediately so he could hide the truth from her. It was certainly good. And of course, the writer, she has brought us a really interesting story.

Sirat-e-Mustaqeem – Episode 19

Find us on Facebook. The other side, seeing the change Mustaqeem, I noticed Ghada Qaiser View all posts by Ghada Qaiser. I believe that the focus today during the episode was Ibtasam and Rabia. Again a lot has happened.


The last episode Sirat -e- Mustaqeem left me kind of speechless. Laaj Last Episode Review.

Sirat E Mustaqeem – Chillelife

The Chawla Family Secrets Revealed! The Rabia case is getting boring for me, honestly. This is definitely one of the best work I ‘ve ever seen But it seems they will get married because the next episode preview shows that. Mattel Alpha Training Blue.

Eagerly looking forward to the rest of the story! Anabiya Episode 17 musstaqeem 23 july Ali Bajwa – July 29, 0. This was another brilliant episode! Rabia is now married