Microsoft Windows XP Intelide. Asus SiS Graphics v1. Modem Driver for WinXP. SiS kept Xabre’s transistor count low by leaving out vertex shaders. Quality in other tests and games won’t be examined today because soon we will publish next 3Digest with a lot of screenshots from many games and comments on quality of the Xabre. Besides, the rendering quality MIP-mapping is unacceptable at all. For comparison we used the following cards:

First of all, it is useful for movie lovers as they can run the a player on the second monitor. Asuis SiS Graphics V6. However, there were problems even when we lifted up the frequencies by 15 MHz – the image got some artifacts. In all other respects, the card works well. SiS has programmed in some per-pixel motion detection de-interlacing that kicks in when you use the integrated MPEG decoder. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

But it makes it awfully. Test system and drivers The card ships with SIS drivers 3. The place to find device driver updates.

Asus SiS Audio V1. Spring Original Graphic Driver Collection. SiS Power Management Controller.

By Andrew Worobyew and Alexander Medvedev. This company is mostly known in China and Taiwan. Intel Graphics Chipset V3. Intel Audio Driver version 5. Audio driver for SI4. Intel Chipset Driver version 7. Intel Chipset Driver version 2. Drifer, Lenovo B,Lenovo V For comparison we used the following cards: I mean hardware pixel shaders available now in the budget product.


It’s possible to interchange receivers monitorswhich is an advantage; No any 3D graphics settings, which is a bad drawback, and the tests will prove it. K-L-Waster Feel free to tune out until there is an actual card with an actual set of benchm Samsung ML Series Vgx.

Before gva turn to the card in question, I must say that Triplex covers all its PCBs with a thin layer of silver. Sis Raid Driver V5.

Lan Driver for WinXP. The worst thing is that it’s impossible for a user to adjust it!

the Drivers Database – Free Drivers and Support

Note that it’s impossible to disable the VSync. Realtek AC’97 Audio A3.

So, overclocking is almost impossible here. Seried driver for WinXP. But it is still unable to beat the GeForce4 MX SIS Other Drivers version 2.

Here is the Xabre chipset: Undoubtedly, the new family can’t boast of perfect architecture or performance. Each element is isolated from the silver, which eliminates electrical problems. Silicon VGA Driver version 6. Customize The Tech Report Asus SiS Ethernet v2. Full-screen anti-aliasing is probably realized only through the supersampling SS FSAA2x and 4x modes are supported, but this feature is not publicly available in the current drivers.


Acer Audio Driver version 1. Everyone deserves a DirectX 8.

About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. Then again, this is a budget graphics part, and the only announced graphics card rriver any kind of really hard-core internal precision is ATI’s high-end Radeon Pro. A quick look at Newegg shows if anything the TI is cheaper than the Probably, it is because of the layout or memory timings.

SIS Xabre Review

See the analyses driveer the Game1 of 3DMark Applications will have to be intelligent enough to recognize that the Xabre has pixel shaders but not vertex shaders. Silicon VGA Driver version 5. TV Tuner driver for LN1. Is SiS cheating again?