Louis where the Schramm sisters were born and still live — at least for some of their adulthood. I have loved CS’s other books and was looking forward to this one. However, I would read the next book from Sittenfeld. Even if we stayed home I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Courtney is a professor at the same college as Jeremy and Hank is a stay-at-home-dad and spends most of his days with Kate and her kids.

I’ll mention that the main plotline is that Violet makes a living as a psychic, and she predicts that a major earthquake is going to occur in St. If I had to think of one criticism of Sittenfeld’s books in general, it would be that her language isn’t particularly lovely. And, sadly, bombs in the attempt. Isn’t it just easier? When Vi senses that their hometown of St. Book Inspector Book Reviews.

Its beginnings are certainly not laugh a minute: Daisy’s high school boyfriend goes to college at my alma mater students and she pledges my sorority at Mizzou.

I’m a big Curtis Sittenfeld fan. However, I would read the next book from Sittenfeld. The disharmony between two sisters, one who slsterland her psychic senses, and the other who does not, is all I’ll start with a disclaimer. She deserved part of it, because she needs to own up to her mistakes, but I wanted better for her. From an early age, Kate and her identical twin sister, Violet, knew that they were unlike everyone else.

Both have psychic ability, but while Vi tries to make a living at it, Kate does her best to ignore it. It actually ended up being Kate, and because of how emotionally connected I felt with summzry, I felt just as betrayed by her as Jeremy did. Jeremy and Kate are close friends with Hank and Courtney Wheeling. As a matter of fact, I’m going ahead and deleting an extra star right now, because I forgot how freaking unrealistic that seemed to me.

This has nothing to do with the quality of the book itself or the writer’s effort. On Jan 12th, Haiti suffers a strong earthquake causing large loss of life.


It’s as half-baked and as anachronistic as it sounds. The book is narrated by the good twin, who changes her name to Kate when she goes to college. The beauty of reading “Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them. Second, this novel just didn’t measure up to the hype organically generated by her name.

Looking back over my review, it seems I have more negative things to say about this book than positive ones. Years before I had put all the images, all the urgent thoughts that came welling through my throat to flash behind my eyes, I had put them all in the same place. The other, Vi, predicts a terrible earthquake, plog the country to question her prediction as being legit or not.

The writing is so wonderful that you can start to hear the voices of the characters in your head – they become that real. This is not intended to be a slam on Curtis Sitttenfeld. It is essentially about two twins, Violet and Daisy turned Kate who know from a young age that they have “senses,” ie, psychic abilities. Summary was hooked the first summwry of the novel.

Vi publicly predicts an earthquake will impact St. And what mind might be more interesting than this one? But this is a novel that starts out as an interesting story of two sisters living very different lives, and ends up as a cautionary tale about getting too comfortable with our routines and our normalcy.

Tedium, thy name is Sisterland. Sep 09, M rated it it was ok. After exacting descriptions of St.

Sisterland Summary & Study Guide

She ends up at the center of a media frenzy which includes sisterlnad on the Today show; the hiring of a PR consultant and much unwanted attention for Kate as well. I just cannot explain my disappointment without them.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. No, the grownup thing to do would have been not to cheat on summarj perfect husband but, sksterland I say, this paragon of virtue doesn’t exist because he has no humanness — he’s just a big ball of forgiveness walking around. And then when something remotely interesting happens, it’s wrapped up nicely in summay pages, where it’s obvious the author has realised something.


I think she’s a gifted writer. Meanwhile, Kate’s husband, Jeremy, and Hank’s wife, Courtney — the breadwinners — have a professional life and a “we work, you know? We see the events in the book from Kate’s perspective and Kate is annoying, whiny and just insipid. I found this highly unsatisfying and weird. She herself wonders at one point, bringing up the study in which men were found to prefer women who were not as smart as they were.

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I mean, don’t they see the future rather than the future being whispered in their ears by some ghosts? I hated the way that sisterlqnd put to her husband, I want to keep the baby, but if I had to choose between you and the baby, I’d keep you. I’m glad Sittenfeld can still inspire siwterland to wish a better outcome for a character I didn’t particularly care about, which is why I’ll still check out the rest of her work.

As it is now, it meanders around the plot, jumps between memory and present day with no discernable reason or connection, and parts of it feel incredibly random. There were so many personal coincidences in this book.

I never felt, in the plkt chapters, that their friendship was leading up to this. Preview — Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld.

This site uses cookies. A few months later is when there was an earthquake in Haiti and later in Japan.

The challenges of being a new slsterland Their mother has been dead for a decade, and their father lives in a modest apartment in the same town. I’m not so sure