Physical recordings are ex. Release is made unique by release country , format , distributor company and also the package of release. Jimmy Reed 10 others. Click “create new” create new. John Spencer TV Preacher. Borchers Ellen Steloff Lawrence Kasanoff.

Ellen Steloff executive producer. This movie is so obviously directed by someone who does not direct movies, but I’m not down on that. Matt Frewer Charlie Cox. Murrill Maglio Man in Trailer. The movie was cast extremely well, in my opinion. Something about the DVD artwork for this always made me think it was another generic forgotten drama when in reality that’s only half of it. I mean cmon, who doesn’t love a late 80s Drew Barrymore? Drew Barrymore Joleen Cox.

One of them just might be a serial killer. A Release usually eivatagi one Movie but the database also supports Releases that can include multiple Movies.

Oh and Max Headroom plays her father. One boy wants her dead.

A teenage girl and her father driving cross-country become stranded when their car runs out of gas in a remote Nevada desert town and they’re forced to stay in a dilapidated trailer park where a serial killer lurks.

Agnes Reed Andras Jones Drew Barrymore Joleen Cox. Liked the kids quite a bit but there was a lot of sexualizing here that was super weird and creepy and the poster is worse than all of it. Videospace database is shared between two main categories: Far From Home is a 80’s thriller like I have never seen.

Matt Frewer Charlie Cox. If the same distributor company has released a movie in the same country in the same format but the cover package is different, these are count as seperate Releases. I am just having a field day with these post-rehab Barrymore flicks. Far from Home movie crimedramamystery usa.

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Sivatagi szentek(2002)

A lot of the rest was really OTT but she was good. While he’s on a cross-country trip with his teenage daughter, Joleen, his car hits empty in a creepy town in Nevada.

Look at that cover art. Makes it look like a teen movie but it’s actually about a murderer on the loose at a camper van park, you could even class it as a slasher movie. Click “create new” create new. One of the worst performances of my…. Fred Culbertson Police Officer. You can add a movie to your Videospace collection. The movie was cast extremely well, in my opinion. I really don’t think this was the cover art when I rented this from my local video shop back in the early 90s. There, Joleen catches the eye of two teenage boys, Jimmy and Pinky — either of whom could be the serial killer currently terrorizing the town.

Borchers Ellen Steloff Lawrence Kasanoff. Videospace uses cookies, Read more about privacy policy. I found that endearing. Like I said, pretty predictable, but I liked it. But I got through the movie without wincing or trying to walk away, and I must say, I enjoyed it. Teri Weigel Woman in Trailer. Which leads me to point number 2 – I actually liked how much like a real teenager that particularly her voiceover of her diary was in this.

Collection can be for example Watched filmsMy favourite filmsMovies that I hate etc. A Movie can have releases from multiple different countries, formats, covers and released by different releasing companies. Murrill Maglio Man in Trailer.

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Joleen Cox Richard Masur Something about the DVD artwork for this always made me think sorozattgyilkos was another generic forgotten drama when in reality that’s only half of it.

What material you are requesting to be deleted 2. Great attention to detail, dropping tiny little crumbs that don’t seem like anything and deliberately go unnoticed, but remembered in the conclusion.


Dick Miller is probably going to be a terrible sheriff of the trailer park, dads are dumb and can’t executive plan their way out of Nevada even though or because they are edgy travel journalists thereby stranding you in Dick Miller’s sketchy trailer park full of low-rent eccentrics where teenage boys run the gamut from dangerous to worse, fish sticks are poison and Drew Barrymore is 14 and has totally had it with all of this lameness! This lurid slice of cusp-of’s Drewsploitation Americana actually has many or at least several quite sound principal theses: It kept coming up on my Hulu suggestions and I finally decided to hit play again.

The dad spends his time trying to find gas, while she meets two boys who are both attracted to her. With great twists the story goes from being very basic to a medium clever, it clearly tries to be something other then an….

Charlie Cox Drew Barrymore John Spencer TV Preacher. The nostalgia still kinda holds up for me, despite it being really silly. I looked into the director’s history on IMDb midway through the movie and it all made sense. This movie is so obviously directed by someone who does not direct movies, but I’m not down on that. Look at that poster, my impression of Far From Home was that it was a teen film typical boy meets girlbut in reality its a psycho thriller involving a killer running loose.

Good, but predictable thriller. Daniel Liljefors added picture