They introduce the six man tag and they’re acting surprised that Jeff Hardy is there, despite announcing it ahead of time. And now Abyss comes out to replace him. I have been badly burned by TNA the last few times I have put my faith in either of these trends continuing, but if nothing else it gives us this match, where Samoa Joe is made to look like a Professor of Ass Sciences at Beatings University. New theme for AJ. So basically you take two fuckasses that nobody knows anything about, and one of them will be stinking up heatless matches all the way through the rest of the tournament. Are these the only things that are telling her that her ideas are good? Get ready for lots of finishers being kicked out of and really nothing more, while the fans chant “this is awesome” and either the ref gets bumped or Angle bleeds.

Sam Shaw Sam Shaw’s music sounds like it was made in the 80s. SITE SEGMENTS Browse the list of Smark Out Moment Segments ask him 50 awards 10 battle of the brands belt or bury 9 books 21 call the spot 17 cheap pop and cheap heat divas debrief drinking game 2 fannounce table 12 fantasy booking 14 finisher vs finisher 4 five moves of doom 16 five point postview 1 future endeavors 72 future endeavors forecast 5 games 4 going over 8 heel or face 8 history lesson 12 hot tags indiecent exposure mailbag 75 mount rushmore 3 one to watch 7 play the game 3 power ranking remakeover repackage 6 rest hold 50 retain repackage release 2 scouting talent 10 sexiest superstars 94 sign me up 13 smack talk small package 13 smark madness 12 smark my words 4 smarking out 23 smarks remarks superstar scores 23 superstar showdown 1 superstar spotlight 8 superstar stock market 10 suspension 13 tap out 1 title change top rope lists 11 tournament triple threat turn alert 51 wrestling with the past No, the stupid thing is that these two guys are competing for a spot in it, when neither one of them was actually employed by the company prior to their entrance into the mini tournament to get a spot in the Series. That was a little weird. Last Knockout Standing Match: Only to finally be brought down by a hammer blow to the face.

This fantastic sports event is organized by Nonstop Action Wrestling on 13th Wlammiversary. But despite this, for years and years he has been depushed, buried, repackaged and forgotten about by management more time than I could count.


Bully Ray capitalizes by low-blowing Sting. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Messages 15, Ratings 2 Points LIST OF SPECIAL EVENTS Browse the list of PPVs and Special Events slammivesary in 4 backlash 14 battleground 17 bragging rights 4 breaking point 2 capitol punishment 2 clash of champions 11 crown jewel 4 draft 10 elimination chamber 26 evolution 9 extreme rules 28 fastlane 16 fatal 4-way 2 great balls of fire 4 halftime heat 3 hall of fame 3 hell in a cell 31 judgment day slammiverdary king of the ring 3 mae young classic 6 mixed match challenge 27 money in the bank 31 night of slammifersary 17 no mercy 8 no way out 2 over the limit 6 payback 15 ppv roadblock 9 royal rumble 37 slammy 7 starrcade 2 summerslam 29 super show-down 4 survivor series 32 takeover 89 the bash 2 tlc 31 tribute to the troops 3 vengeance 2 worlds collide 3 wrestlemania You are literally worse at this than Robocop.

Gunner was great, and I thought the Knockouts match was very good indeed. You guys, the show was fine.

When is TNA Slammiversary 2017?

Gail Kim goes to spear Taryn in the corner but runs into a chair instead. Gail puts Taryn in that ring post Figure 4 spot. And a basketball hoop! Richie Rich has a McDonalds in his bedroom. Messages 4, Ratings 86 Points Slammiversary X, the upcoming wrestling event, is scheduled on June 10, in Arlington, Texas.

Gunner makes Aries submit with the Gun Rack. Only to finally be brought down by a hammer blow to the face. Ahem, alright, so after the match we throw to Christy Hemme who asks how Jay Bradley feels now that he has won the match and a place in the Bound For Glory Series. TNA Genesis comes with yet another salivating fare, which will make fans drool.

Bradley picks up the win. Regardless, in his weeks back after returning, he stymied everyone by attacking friend and foe alike, including shunning his former best friends AND an offer to join Aces and Eights.

That makes sense and was done well. No, I mean that this match is one that I will refer to for years to come as an example of disastrous overbooking completely ruining a match. Angle Slams and Splashes and ankle locks and everything. Since his entire career is built on running super fast, this is to be expected. Are you excited to be making your debut here on Cewsh Reviews? Are these the only things that are telling her that her ideas are good? Okay, now that the backstory is out of the way, allow me to level with you.


Chavo and Hernandez will probably drop the tag team title. What this match did extremely well was take Taryn Terell and change her from slammiversart WWE release with no credibility and Barbie doll looks and make her a credible performer overnight. That sounds great, right?

When is TNA Slammiversary ?

He says he’s the first in and he’ll be the last out. I thought the main event was great. Browse the Latest Snapshot.

How would you have felt if Sting had lost to Randy Savage spammiversary in the middle of ?

Thread starter FreeSpirit Start date May 19, Isn’t she the tag team champion? I guess that match is next and they’ll attack Hogan who will be saved by Magnus, Joe and Hardy.

So Jay begins talking and…. Written by Cewsh I am the owner and operator of Cewsh Reviews. Sacrifice is a pay per view wrestling tournament which is held per annum. Sting tells her to go away. Usually at least one or the other. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. Segment 4 — Aces and Eights vs. A spanner was thrown into the plan when Joseph Parks got more over than Abyss ever really had been, but here we seem to have the official return of Abyss, and the monster comes back to…beat Devon for the Television title?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He was a good attorney, and well respected, and while he was a bit of a clutz and was bigger than just about anyone he knew, he always had a smile on his face and a song in his heart.

After the match, we go to the announcers, who declare that it is now time to reveal the second ever inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. Hogan says the people in Boston aren’t afraid of no ghosts lmao And now Joseph Park has earned his very first title shot, exactly one year after his debut match with Bully Ray.

Typical “heel can’t possibly win” stuff. Taryn could slammivfrsary well beat Gail Kim but I don’t think she necessarily will.