I was screaming and holding up my hands with Spartacus as he brought the sword down on Glabber. Where the hell did you guys grow up?! Well Roman politics I think will play more heavily into next season. War of the Damned. Wow way to end season. Ashur was a horrible villain to the very end, but watching the fight with Naevia really stressed me out. To me they have kind of cleaned the moral slate for characters next season.

Having Ashur hang around and be aligned with Crassus and Caesar would kind of put them in a morally dubious spot from the get go. I think you have to be pretty damn strong to cut a head off with one blow, especially with a short sword. He was the most interesting and devious character, he should have at least been given an interesting death! For more information on Spartacus: Oh god I think I’m just going to sit and cry next Friday. He was just such a bad ass character. I think when they bring in Crassus and Caesar next season it gives them opportunity to make the lines of villain and hero a little more vague.

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Spartacus: Vengeance

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I mean her character a lot. He was equally reviled and respected for skilled treachery, and he did his job well. Now I’m wondering what the fuck they will do for S3.

Have to admit though When Saxa was cast, they very openly proclaimed her to be a female gladiator who becomes a love interest for Gannicus.

Want to add to the discussion? Meanwhile, Claudius Glaber arrives in Capua, compounding Spartacus’ problems. Gods of the Arena. Idk the last scene made it quite iffy about Gannicus’s role for the next season. Anymore information can be found from the show’s main site.


Spartacus Vengeance S02E03 – video dailymotion

I was very satisfied with the Spartacus vs. Was a little shocked with lucretia taking the baby to the afterlife, I knew she’d kill ilythia, and take the baby. When she stepped vengeaance to fight him I was worried she was going to unrealistically dominate him. All she seems to do is make Crixus suck.


Looks like shes going to take a major female role next season. And if the battles become epic, I have the slight suspicion that then everything will accompany: A Final question, what will you do or watch until the next season? Can some one tell my why the original actress is not this season?

Was completely satisfied with all the deaths in the show, though alot of them were saddening Ashur, Oenomaus, Ilithyia. The same could have been said of Lucretia, and while it was somewhat true, this finale made it worth it. But just that Naevia fighting him made no fucking sense.

But he is indeed barely involved. Such a goddamn great character. I hope that they don’t over do him. Gods of the Arena Character Reference: What an exit for a phenomenally deranged character.

I mean really this whole season she spent her time getting back at Ilithyia which was deserved.

Lucretia’s exit made me say “holy fuck” out loud. I was hoping that she would have pushed Illythia over the edge, but I mean, wow, what an end to such a nuanced character! I thought they were gonna make it a bigger grieving moment and a bigger deal in general.

Loved that sneaky little fuck too. But it was the end of his story none the less. Of course, be polite in your discussion. Sad to see Lucy Lawless go, I enjoyed her tits Oenomaus’ death solidifies Gannicus’ role in the rebellion in my opinion i do see what u mean but he was more like ‘fuck yeah lets do this’ in his cool conserved way. Tears were shed for Oenomaus and Chants were screamed at the screen. And holy shit, Lucretia. They wanted to clean out characters who don’t really have a historical presence for the next season Glad to see him brutally episkde.


Absolutely loved this episode.

It could have been a mini-series. It was almost as if he was not into the idea of continuing to fight when the romans send legions.

The finale kept hinting at the Saxa and Gannicus relationship. It was good to see him slaughtered like that, but they should have cut down on the Naevia fight and made this scene longer.

Well they were in the middle of the battle. Pretty much had my hands clasped to my mouth the entire time! First he saves her in the 5 first minutes when Nemetes vfngeance the stupid attack. I was very upset that they cengeance Mira. Honestly I kind of wanted Naevia dead too I know I’ll probably get downvoted for this, but it’s what I think.

But that may just be wishful thinking. First his wife, then best friend, NOW Mira? And in the other hand the show has shown that is more than capable of building personas so I expect gorgeous insertions for the next season. I always know who’s gonna hook up by the episode of glances beforehand.