Elise Baughman as Sayoko Shiranagatani. Mitsuaki Furuya as Newscaster 3. I wouldn’t recommend this anime to anyone, but I think I’ll recommend the manga: However just watching the anime that story is very poorly presented and although the show makes you curious about a lot of things they only give a few answers out. That was so boring. All the while, he uncovers dark secrets about himself, The Children and his connection to them.

Even if the second season is not produced, 25 eps are enough to give some answers to the audience. Set in , the anime follows the story of seven teenagers locked in a reformatory, waiting for a ray of light in a daily hell of suffering and humiliation, focusing especially on how they faced the life once regained freedom. The Oscar nominee reflects on his memorable appearance on ” Game of Thrones ,” and teases his Star Wars role. Chiro Kanzaki as Female Staff A. Shouko Morimura Recording Assistant: Use the HTML below. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist:

A Japanese businessman, captured by modern-day pirates, is written off and left for dead by his company. Day One Oct 2, I know the manga showed all of it but that doesn’t change anything because I watched the anime and have no intentions of having to read manga just to finish the story which wasn’t even interesting IMO.

A minor god seeking to gain widespread worship teams up with a human girl he saved to gain fame, recognition and at least one shrine dedicated to him. Hiroyasu Danno as Newscaster 1 Student C.

Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna Episode 25 Discussion

Most of the time I was just listening to the english dub while doing something else on the computer because it was boring and the animation wasn’t worth to look at. Meanwhile, the Blade Children learn of their new opponent and set about to stop him in form of deadly logic puzzles that will take all of Ayumu’s brilliance to thwart. He decides to give up and abandons his Spiral – What are the Blade Children?


Miho Yamada as Takako Adachi. I started watching this show years ago when a friend recommended it to me because I like mystery shows Detective Conan, Sherlock, etc. Andrew Rye David Haynes. Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. A teen amateur detective must use his amazing powers of logical deduction to learn about the mysterious Blade Children and stop them.

This series was still okay to watch, even though it hasn’t had the same hook as it was a murder mystery since episode 2, but the last few episodes have been pretty unbearable. The only aspect that I’ve enjoyed all the way through is Hiyono’s character, she’s always suirri positive and is always there to support my AyumuxHiyono ship, definitely the best girl. Fukashi Azuma TV Tokyo. Might have to do with I was expecting very little out of kjzuna, but the story is compelling and the characters are very real.

Hidemi Tanaka Sound Manager: A young boy sells his soul to a demon in order to avenge his family’s death and successfully lead their influential toy manufacturing company. Learn more More Like This. In conclusion, some episodes were great, and the rest were not. Goofs When Hiyono drops the bombs disarm key from train it falls straight down.

Monica Rial as Rio Takeuchi. We watched 25 eps and we still don’t know anything about the Blade childrein or where Ayumu’s brother is or how he can save the Blade children. The loose ends were not tied up.


Despite all these, I love the show. Suirj Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Compare Credits Compare this anime with others.

Madoka Akita as Female Manager. It had such an abrupt ending.

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This classic supernatural samurai adventure manga hasn’t been adapted into animation since the s! Manga Has ‘Important Announcement’ on March 4 Tomomi Nakamura as Schoolgirl A. The problem is, the mind games, bombs, mysteries, the theme kuzuna the cursed children.

The story did not go anywhere though they tried to give an illusion that it did by playing the music at the end like “our long journey is over, we have learned everything that we set out to” they did not learn anything about the blade children, the hunters, or his brother. Steins;Gate 0 TV Series Other than that the story was shit.

The real key spirl of the anime were the little mysteries and life-and-death situations that the Blade Children threw at Ayumu. Eita Mizuno Original Creator Novel: I still don’t know who the Blade children are and spisode their purpose was or why they were called blade children.

Natsuko Takahashi Sound Effects: Pizzuto, Daisuke Ono, Gloria Ansell. All the while, he uncovers dark secrets about himself, The Children and his connection to them.