All of her videos are clean, worst language you’ll ever hear is “crap, dang it”, etc. Your parent-shaming was not about exceeding one hour of screen time, it was about any screen time at all. The job market is better than it’s ever been. If you want online shaming, the rest of the internet is available. He should have stuck with his game tutorials. Com’on, you’re extrapolating and pushing it beyond the point. I cared for kids, who got placed with us. Yes I read daily.

AnabeeKnox 4 months ago It’s an urban myth that Koreans believe that urban myth. Add comment Sign in or sign up to share your thoughts. They know all about them. All of the other children would watch Nickelodeon after school and the prizes on Legend Of The Hidden Temple would instruct them to ask their moms to buy them Jansport backpacks and AirWalk sneakers. The ” Hottest Girls Ever ” Let’s Play, wherein Jason and an opponent play as female avatars, can spark a conversation about gender roles in games. Honestly withholding devices is the best discipline tool I have.

Hi guys, I am a father who just started playing Minecraft with my son. Those parents just leave their kids with an iPad, and do not watch their kids. On the TV theres maybe only interesting shows to watch, so I would eventually turn it off.

I’d say it’s been months of this. Before being episoode parent I’d have inclined to agree with GP. Even epsiode older children mine are 8, 13 and 15it’s still inappropriate.

Sounds to me like you’re doing fine. This is extremely outdated, some of the channels mentioned have switched to and produce Fortnite videos. Minecraft videos on Episoxe attract millions of views daily. Knowing something about how YouTube channels work and get funded really helps lift the veil: The reason, researchers believe, is that the games have constantly changing environments that require intense focus.


Alterlife 4 months ago. Animated woman in a thong, a real picture of giant breasts in a bra, and several others. But time for a switch. Parenting is hard and takes lots of resources and tons of time every day optimally. There’s two disturbing aspects to this: With smoking it actually helps prevent children stamly acquiring the addiction if they grow up in a society where people rarely smoke.

Welp, there are 3 Minecraft YouTubers kids can watch.

He learned about it from kids at school. Someone wrote Popcorn Time under those same conditions The two have a fun rapport as they battle and explore very sophisticated worlds.

The 12 Best Kid-Friendly Minecraft Channels on YouTube

Insanity 4 months ago. Please do not forget Ant Venom or Caveman films.

Just the ad-free experience is good enough for me. And that would be the first thing I’d do if I had to parent actually. Parents, be cautious of the many Minecraft Sex mods available to your kids on Youtube. This channel can prove to be useful for students studying in schools, colleges as well as for people of all ages who have a curious scientific mind.

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Our son has gotten really good at all sorts of things on Minecraft by watching many of the videos on the YouTube channels you mention in this post. I’m not sure why. YouTube videos are just made by random people with the absolute minimal of moderation. What do you remember before age 4? I just love paul and I think that they should make a tube heros of him he’s totally under rated. If kids are known for one thing, it’s their ability to watch and re-watch the same piece of content over and over.


Another really good site with a whole bunch of kid-friendly videos is MinecraftWiz.

Minecraft Xbox – Cave Den – Memories () – stampylonghead :: Let’s Play Index

I try to teach my kids that these things are tools: It’s some weird urban myth that has traction in south asia. Things changed very rapidly from there. Check it out here She was truly disturbed. I can’t recall ever hearing a profanity episodee. Though his survive and thrive videos did help me a lot when I was starting. Some of those people earned that.

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I personally feel like the best approach is moderation for everything, but hey, people who don’t watch media probably have more interesting hobbies than I do. Candy all day is probably worse than carrots all day. I cared for kids, who got placed with us.

It makes me wonder what kind of bizarre superstitions will exist years from now. You as a parent are welcome to epixode parenting your own way without imposing it to other or shaming them. Not constantly everytime I felt bored. Observing the fact that a child can use an iPad at age does not imply anything about expectations for their speech development. I think this occurred around episode What I appreciate is knowing why, that’s some understanding right there. Kudos for promoting self-reliance and independence though.

Without the recommendations engine of YouTube that is? This article is mostly accurate. I do too of course. Similar thing, both parents end up in some program.