Traduction Changer la langue cible pour obtenir des traductions. If this movie was 75 pages, I’ll eat one of Glenn Close’s gorgeous hats. For the film, see The Stepford Wives film. Le Roi scorpion Together they find out, much to their growing stupor and-then horror, that all the housewives in town are strangely blissful and, somehow Glenn Close is positively hilarious as the head matron, but most of the rest of this marvelous cast, including Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler, Christopher Walken, and Matthew Broderick are wasted. Retrieved May 25,

Bobbie’s husband and son are upstairs, with loud rock music playing as if to cover screams. They corner her in the woods, and she accuses them of creating robots out of the town’s women. The new script by screenwriter Paul Rudnick has the women being transformed into carefully controlled cyborgs rather than being murdered and replaced with robots. She asks her husband to let her leave but he takes her car keys. She’s the most successful president in the history of our network and for the past five years has kept us at the very top of the ratings. She visits the library and researches the pasts of Stepford’s wives, discovering that some of the women were once feminist activists and very successful professionals and that the leader of the men’s club is a former Disney engineer and others are artists and scientists, capable of creating lifelike robots.


Share this Rating Title: Edit Storyline Joanna Eberhart, a wildly successful president of a TV Network, after a series of shocking events, suffers a nervous breakdown and is moved by her milquetoast of a husband, Walter, from Manhattan to the chic, upper-class, and very modern planned community of Stepford, Connecticut.

Il s’agit en 3 minutes de trouver le plus grand nombre de mots possibles de trois lettres et plus dans une grille de 16 lettres. David – Layla. Are you a Stepford wife? Claire Wellington Christopher Walken The secret to a Stepford wife lies behind fllm doors of the Stefpordske Association of how women become different and immobilized robots. Masaryk University Faculty of Arts.

Panicoy scene ends as Bobbie brandishes a knife at her former friend. The Stepford Wives 5. The thesis has been checked: Dave Markowitz Dylan Hartigan The story concerns Joanna Eberhart, a photographer and young mother who begins to suspect that the frighteningly submissive housewives in her new idyllic Connecticut neighborhood may be robots created by their husbands.

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For the film, see The Stepford Wives film. The New York Times.

It too ended with the members of the conspiracy being killed. At the end of the novel, Joanna decides to flee Stepford but when she gets home she finds that her children have been taken. Folks, don’t rip off your audience like that. Was this review helpful to you? Jerry Harmon Jon Lovitz Retrieved 2 December Additional scenes from the movie were filmed in Bedminster, New Jerseywith extras from surrounding communities.


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The following American films were examined: Pages to import images to Wikidata. Scherick produced the version, as well as panickt three of the made-for-television sequels.

Will it be too late for Joanna and Bobbie when they finally find out? The themes that are analysed in this thesis are unfulfilled dreams, gender roles, values, perfection and uniformity.

Bobbie’s husband and son are upstairs, with loud rock music playing as if to cover screams.

Mike Wellington Roger Bart Il est aussi possible de jouer avec la grille de 25 cases. Another film titled The Stepford Wives was released in Bobbie Markowitz Glenn Close Roster della World Wrestling Entertainment. For the pancky, see The Stepford Wives film. Il Re Scorpione 2 – Il destino di un guerriero. Would you move to Stepford?