I can’t remember seing somewhere that most of the shichibukai were part of the Gold D. It’s great that they spoiled the end of the movie in the first 5 minutes It was nice to see what the characters looked like in the past. The beginning look really great. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Don’t bother PMing me about wanting the file personally. Sengoku, Garp, and the Gold Lion’s battle destroyed half of the Marineford! To avoid them, skip to the second chapter in the video.

Everyone’s so young even CP 9 and Boa Hancock was so cute! The OVA was great. I never would of guessed miwahk and doflinmingo witnessed rogers execution. The starting few minutes really gave me shivers: All images and other media are copyright of their respective owners. Yeah, spoilers at the beginning sucked, but I think it’ll still be worth watching.

Seeing Roger’s wife and seeing Garp young is just great. This really sets up for the movie amazingly well. Capitan; May 9th, at I heard the movie with subs is gonna come out around Agust Strong World – Episode 0 by yibis oh thank Thanks to a friend of a friend that sent a friend episode 0 I know a guy that knows a guy that wotld in possession of Episode 0 iso and mkv.

Good episode, but unfortunatly we didn’t see Roger fighting hmmmm: I wouldn’t mind taking this one as my epizode non-Hellsing work. BUt I rly cant wait for subbed one. AlsoThe guy that wprld a guy that I know said he likes Yibis best because they produce the episodes he watches each summer with his Dad so they get first dibbs.


Originally Posted by sgn Strong World – Episode 0 by yibis thx, hope this means we will see movie 10 relatively soon. Have a good dream. The starting few minutes really gave me shivers: Last Jump to page: Strong World – Episode 0 by yibis Hell yeah!

I’m sure that would royally piss off the guy if steong heard about it. The beginning was a major spoiler for the Strong World movie. BBCode “The weak get washed away by the tides of fate No matter where you go, there you are.

Special thanks to RobbyBevard and Sai-chan for help modifying the theme. I also love how well this episode fits with the strobg series; normally the movies and ovas have little to do with the actually plot. It was great to see all this stuff animated.

I am sure there are some characters, that i didn’t even realize were there in those early days. That was a good episode. There was to many characters strkng count. It was like watching a historical documentary. BBCode Modified by link9us, May 5, 3: D I watched this after I saw the movie but I didn’t see a spoiler?

One Piece: Strong World Episode 0 Episode 1 Discussion

I can’t find it anywhere. I dont like episodw attitude! Is there a DDL link? Results 3, to 3, of Just watched the Yibis release But I was kind of disappointed because I wanted to see the infamous Gol D.

To avoid them, skip to the second chapter in the video. KF is great, although they’re pretentious and take too long to translate the episodes. It’s entirely a time issue. epixode


Strong World – Episode 0 by yibis

Baby Sanji was hilarious lol Makes me excited for episore movie. D now I want movie 10!!! Strong World – Episode 0 by yibis Been waiting for this! That is so cool that Shiki is actually a legendary pirate that is part of the canon story line. Apparently he fucking HATES spending time uploading shit or signing up for bullshit accounts that he’ll never use again with upload sites, thus it’s entirely a time issue depending on who gets it when.

BBCode Nothing is an absolute reality, all is permitted. It’s between Robin’s and the Water Seven guys’ flashbacks.

Is he immortal or something? The time now is Nearly all the important characters in the show from the younger pirate generation, before rogers execution. It’s great that they spoiled the end of the movie in the first 5 minutes Luffy in a SUIT!! Strong World – Episode 0 by yibis Many thanks to everyone who made this possible so fast. I probably have to go back and watch it again just to see if i caught everyone.

But still liked it.