September 25, at 4: This drama is still running with 9 more episodes to go. I love this drama so much. Also, they mentioned that there is possibility that they will film a modern version of another series with the same cast but no concrete plans as of now but we still can hope for another series right? January 30, at 8: February 9, at 6: July 10, at 4:

September 5, at 5: Next week seems to be sooooo far awayyyyy. October 1, at 7: This trend has been prevalent in Japan for quite some time though, with Taiwanese idol dramas like Meteor Garden, Hot Shot, and soon Autumn’s Concerto making waves in Japan, while Japanese artists like Gackt making frequent visits to Taiwan for pleasure. July 24, at 4: June 8, at 2: December 29, at 8: I guess 4th is trying to make her feel better?

September 21, at 8: Rainie and Joseph, are you reading this?? September 22, at I was wondering the same thing … when they were kissing and rolling around in the grass and suddenly the camera blurred. January 13, at 7: However, we still have 28 episodes to go so maybe the director added an unexpected twist to the plot. March 30, at 7: There is no one at fault just out of control emotions.


Taiwanese Wave

Yu Shan is a poor girl too… she died to repay her debt of gratitude to her childhood benefactor, Jiu Ye…. July 1, at 4: I kinda wished I watched this when all the sugpideas were out.

If you are expecting to find Taiwan variety shows, I will say that you will be disappointed. March 10, at May 5, at 7: That look sooo real!

Not complaining, just very awesome!!! Really hope they episode could be longer though.

Startling by Each Step –

I just hope their relationship will grow from here. Actually how many episode are the for this drama …. November 30, at 8: January 22, at 9: March 10, at 3: February 9, at 6: I need to wait for my sister to watch the episodes, and we have been so busy. Hurt them and its all too bad.

Inborn Pair –

September 12, at Oops, sorry for typing the wrong word in te first paragraph. December 26, at 9: Haha I kinda wish Xiao Gui would be the main actor: When are they going to admit they have feelings for each other??? Thank you Sugoideas for your fantastic work and thank you everyone draja watching dramas and sharing your thoughts!!!!


February 23, at 6: The emotions, the yearn for power etc literally reaches drqma viewer man. I just came back watching the recent episodes and this happens?! December 24, at 2: April 21, at 8: But sadly it is obvious one of theose cut ups — the intro for 14 shows him singing, like in a mtv video lol.

June 17, at August 5, at