Asset-backed securities issued by trusts and special purpose corporations are backed by a pool of assets, such as credit card or automobile loan receivables representing the obligations of a number of different parties. It may therefore take some time before it appears on our website. In a typical structure, the claim on collateral and right of payment of second lien loans are junior to those of first-lien loans. Hedging also involves the risk that changes in the value of the related security will not match those of the instruments being hedged as expected, in which case any losses on the instruments being hedged may not be reduced. The equity securities in which the Portfolio intends to invest, or obtain exposure to, include common and preferred stocks, warrants and convertible securities. However, your insurance company may impose investment or account value minimums. However, the value of these securities may decline if their interest rates do not rise as much, or as quickly, as other interest rates.

A foreign security is a security issued by an entity domiciled or incorporated outside of the United States. Certain of the Portfolios may invest in securities that are primarily listed on foreign exchanges that trade on weekends or other days when the Trust does not price its shares. In this situation a Portfolio may, in the alternative, enter into a Forward Contract to sell a different foreign currency for a fixed U. Add to Your Watchlists New watchlist. A Portfolio may be required to liquidate other portfolio securities to satisfy annual distribution obligations of a Portfolio in respect of accrued interest income on securities which are subsequently written off, even though such Portfolio has not received any cash payments of such interest. Inception Date May 01, The characteristics of these mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities differ from traditional fixed-income securities.

Because such contracts are not traded on an exchange, a Portfolio must evaluate the credit and performance risk of each particular counterparty under a Forward Contract. Small movements in interest rates both increases and decreases may quickly and significantly xunamerica the value of certain mortgage-backed securities. Shriver earned a B. Purchase and Sale of Portfolio Shares. These payments may create a conflict of interest as they may be a factor that the insurance company considers in including the Portfolio as an underlying investment option in the Variable Contract.

The maturity of debt securities may be considered long- ten plus yearsintermediate- one to ten yearsor short-term thirteen months or less. Inception Date May 01, As of the close of regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange, securities traded primarily on security exchanges outside the United States are valued at the last sale price on such exchanges on the day of valuation, or if there is no sale on the day of valuation, at the last reported bid price. To the extent a derivative contract is used to hedge another position in the Sunameriva, the Sseries will be exposed to the risks associated with hedging described below.


The risks of owning an ETF generally reflect the risk of owning the underlying securities they are designed to track. These securities provide a Portfolio with sufficient liquidity to meet redemptions and cover expenses.

A mutual fund might also have to register such restricted securities in order to dispose of them, resulting in additional expense and delay. Credit risk applies to most debt securities, but is generally not a factor for obligations. Tier I and Tier II. The characteristics of these mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities differ from traditional fixed-income securities. It is possible for the Portfolio to maintain its volatility at or under its target maximum annual volatility level while having negative performance returns.

BoxAmarillo, Texas Buy and sell requests are executed at the next NAV to be calculated after the request is accepted by the Trust. In addition we provide you related news, analysis tools, interactive charts and analysis articles. Many derivatives, in particular privately negotiated derivatives, are complex and often valued subjectively. This may happen when there is a decline in interest rates.

Foreign governments may not sfries securities markets and companies to the same degree as the U. As the use of the Internet and other technologies has become more prevalent in the course of business, each Portfolio has become more susceptible to operational and financial risks associated with cyber security.


If the servicer were to sell these obligations to another party, there is a risk that the purchaser would acquire an interest superior to that of the holders of the related automobile receivables. This Example is intended to help you compare the cost of investing in the Portfolio with the cost of investing in other mutual protfolio. Supranational entities include international sunameria designated or supported by governmental entities to promote economic reconstruction or development and of international banking institutions and related government agencies.

Table of Contents inflation for many years. The subadviser expects to use a variety of equity index and fixed income futures and currency forwards as the principal tools to implement this volatility management strategy.

She earned a B. Name and Address for Agent for Service. Class 1 shares do not have a performance history as of the date sunameric this Prospectus. The goal of this process is to identify countries, sectors and themes most falue to outperform with an appropriate measure of risk.

A Portfolio may have difficulty disposing of certain lower rated securities because there may be a thin trading market for such securities.

Additionally, credit default swaps could result in losses if the subadviser does not correctly evaluate the creditworthiness of the company on which the credit default swap is based.

Table of Contents The information in this Prospectus is not complete and may be changed.

In particular, the content does not constitute any form of advice, recommendation, representation, endorsement or arrangement by FT and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any specific investment or other decisions. Shareholders will be notified of any subadviser changes. Deferred dividend payments could have adverse tax consequences for a Portfolio and may cause the preferred stock to lose substantial value.


Securities of medium sized companies are usually more volatile and entail greater risks than securities of large companies. The Portfolio obtains broad exposure to these asset classes by investing in equity and fixed income securities and derivatives that provide exposure to equity and fixed income securities.

Enrich the conversation Stay focused and on track. Despite the protection from the equity tranche, CBO, CLO or other CDO tranches can experience substantial losses due to actual defaults, increased sensitivity to defaults due to collateral default and disappearance. If a Portfolio has rental income or income from the disposition of real property, the receipt of such income may adversely affect its ability to retain its tax status hrust a regulated investment company.

In reaching liquidity decisions, the Adviser, or Subadviser, as the case may be, will consider, inter alia, pursuant to guidelines and procedures established by the Trustees, the following factors: Municipal securities may be affected by uncertainties regarding their tax status, legislative changes or rights of municipal-securities holders. The subadviser uses fundamental and macroeconomic research segies determine asset sunamerjca weights in the Portfolio.

Hybrid Instruments can be an efficient means of creating exposure to a particular market, or segment of a market, with the objective of enhancing total return. The Portfolio normally invests in, or obtains exposure to, investments in a number of different countries around the world.

The Portfolios expect that all of their borrowing will be made on a secured basis.

SunAmerica Series Trust SA Invesco VCP Equity-Income Class 1

Market timing can disrupt the ability of a Manager to invest assets in an orderly, long-term manner, which may have an adverse impact on the performance of the Portfolios. The precise matching of the Forward Contract amounts and the value of the securities involved will not generally be possible because the future value of such securities in foreign currencies will change as a consequence of market movements in the value of these securities between the date the Forward Contract is entered into and the date it is sold.

Add to Your Portfolio New portfolio. Mutual funds do not typically hold a significant amount of these restricted or other illiquid securities because of the potential for delays on resale and uncertainty in valuation. Each Portfolio annually declares and distributes substantially all of its net investment income in the form of dividends. Large-cap companies tend to be less volatile than companies with smaller market capitalizations.