Meanwhile, I can’t think of any other actor that would be able to play Yong Ha or Jae Shin and give the same life that their current actors have already given them. Meanwhile, who should witness this entire exchange but Jae-shin? Firstly I will like to command you for having a good grasp upon the “Historical context” of this drama. Be the first to contribute! I rewatch the episodes when writing the recaps so these things kinda jump out at me. While it’s not possible to speculate how differently things would have turned out, I can’t help but indulge in what-ifs:

Purpleclouds November 4, at I’m so sad it finally ends: Sun Joon looked at him questioningly, and Yong Ha noticed the broken mirror on the floor. Hate that we’re seeing him in heartbreak. Feeling uneasy, Yong-ha joins them, looking for Yoon-hee. After all, those books will always be in the bookshop. So-gwa is the first step of the civil service exam, and you are required to pass it to get into Sungkyunkwan. I’ve seen others at other SKKS related sites pick up on this theme as well, and I’m in agreement that the producers have managed to treat this theme with nuance and richness.

So I wanted to ask you to forgive me. This is what I consider the real end syonpsis the series, but since the production team tacked on the last five minutes for the sake of fan service… We continue the story sungkyunkawn an undetermined time in the future…. Yong-ha, Jae Shin, I’m going to miss you guys so much! He could have called her out on being a woman at SKK but he never did. Where she gets an intricate and tragic backstory, and an uplifting future that doesn’t involve just being the redemption of one weaselly little rich boy.

I’m just so proud of them!!!! Also, I was right! You sungkyunkaan it with open heart because none of it was forced and the tension built are due to natural cause: Will the king protect Yoon-hee, Jae-shin asks desperately.


Kaitlyn November 4, at 5: Well, actually it’s not just SunJoon, but the other main characters as well. Sun Joon agreed entirely, but Yoon Hee was like hey this is my room, if I don’t sleep here where should I go, and promptly flopped herself down. Instead of me, father was always reading aloud for you, sister, the one outside the door. I pause so many times on some parts As to how Gu Yong Ha got the bracelets so fast, i can only imagine that it was the first thing he bought when he came out from the secret meeting room.

Can’t sunngkyunkwan to see how this all ends up That is why Red Pill pointed out that this time, for once, Yongha was behind the ball. He lays his beloved down oh-so gently. Senstar November 3, at 9: Agreed on the balancing of subject matter- everyone’s doing a great job.

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That last picture combo? Your email address will not be published. Yong-ha presents Jae-shin with the payoff documents he found, announcing synospis all they have to do now is find out who the real source of the money is. It looks like we don’t have a Synopsis for this title yet. I ve really enjoyed sharing the SKKS experience with everyone here on dramabeans! Just click the “Edit page” button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide.

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Sun-joon takes to wallowing in the dark, which is how his father finds him. But, here comes tension! I’m just a bit confused I haven’t had pure thoughts about Yong-ha and Guh-ro from their first interaction on the scandla.

The ending was satisfying though not historically accurate. I could barely watch, especially when Song Joong Ki’s eyes were starting to grow wet. Park Min Young’s acting was overall ineffective for me; instead, I would imagine what it feels like to be the character Yoon Hee and that was very special for me. Thanks for the recap red pill! Jae-shin just answers curtly that they ought to stick to their separate tasks, and walks away. And may I say that Yongha is happy Jaeshin wasn’t taken away by love?


You just may have given me my next drama!!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh sungkuunkwan tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Sun-joon practically scanadl down her throat Not literally—pull yourself together!

Informantxgirl November 5, at 6: Yes, and I understand fully if history buffs are miffed. Then, they showed what happened to each of the characters a period of time later. Too sad to think of the what-ifs. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. That would keep the narrative tight as well as retain the essence of the series.

We all know that JS had high respect for SJ. The one hope he was willing to sacrifice his life to realize was to give his talented daughter a world in which she has more opportunities. Yongha is the most observant character I know. That’s too cute, now that I think about it: Can I please hear a collective sigh of relief? RoastedSweetPotato November 11, at 7: Episodes by LollyPip.

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Yoon-hee looks up at him proudly, with tears in her eyes. Goodbye Jae Shin and Yongha I really wasn’t disappointed with a thing. I can’t wait to the next re-cap. Thank you for the recap!!