It watches you cry, laugh, joke, and repent. What will Kirito and his friends find when exploring the undiscovered territory? With a heavy burden to bear, he must acquire the last piece of his father’s weapon at any cost. Immortal by LaughingLefou reviews Jaune Arc hated dying. Support the artist – www. Why is this story called Desert Army?

Adventure, humor and even some romance await this group of 12 as they study and train to hunt monsters. It should have been nothing more than a tragedy It survives when death descends upon the universe. Ichika Orimura is the only male capable of piloting an IS in the world. Instead she’s now stuck with the lingering spirit of this guy following her around, and no one else can hear or see him in any way. Hero of Remnant by andy reviews Dante, a sixteen year old boy once possessed the power to kill a god.

Odr will range from K-T, genres can be anything I think to write, and pairings are up for suggestion but must be yuri. Give me moar Ideas below cyhvbghrc vn m. Bumblebee and White Rose represented. Shoot osd Thrill, Swing to Kill by A New Username reviews A chance meeting between a Tokyo girl named Kimiko and a country girl named Shino turns into much more than that when Kimiko transfers to the only high school in the latter’s town.


Whether that be while we’re alive, or long after we’re passed away. Click here to find out! Tears of joy, sadness, confusion, frustration, they all fall the same nonetheless.

Checkup by momoxtoshiro reviews Blake was an absolute mess — and that was being kind about things. A shame then, that his forged documents painted the picture of an accomplished and skilled warrior. A Story involving a so-called ‘Hero’ who refuses to reveal his Secrets. How To Breathe by momoxtoshiro reviews Yang couldn’t always afford to be the strong one.


Stress Relief by Coeur Al’Aran reviews In a world where your allies can be just as dangerous as your enemies, sometimes it can be difficult for a criminal mastermind to find a little stress relief.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Why couldn’t she stop herself Fairy Tail – Rated: The White Mask by The Baz reviews Fidelis is a less than sane member of the White Fang who is nothing short of a magnet for the bizarre.

It bears witness to your every sin and every falter.

Why is this story called Desert Army? Maybe some fluff, too. But no matter how small you are in the timeline Victor now hunts the beast down with the help of his friends and his girlfriend, Blake Belladonna.

Citrus Kisses by angel0wonder reviews Mei was convinced that Yuzu’s lips had some sort of power. In the spirit of the coming holiday, Hiratsuka-sensei gives her Modern Japanese periods an assignment: Blake caught her eye and nodded to her leader; she knew it was actually her responsibility to take care of Zwei.

Will they follow through with the feelings they harbor or let opportunity slip between their fingers?

Hello Friends and welcome. A flat stone, so elegantly carved, sits still at the peak of the world.

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Things get heated up as he lands on Remnant, in the city of Vale. Adventure, humor and even some romance await this group of 12 as they study and train to hunt monsters. Camo Detection Superjombombo 4 years ago. They become fast friends, doing everything together. First RWBY fic, reviews would be greatly appreciated. Dante The Kitsune 9. Thank you so much! Stoke the Fire by Weaseltotheface reviews Yang just really needs to do her homework.

The Neko and the Kitsune by Ether Morlon reviews Little neko Asuna decides to go to the Foxy Path club, looking for fun and a good time, this is where she meets sexy kitsune Sinon, and its safe to say, she does indeed, have fun and a very heated good time.


Mei’s words and thoughts were abruptly stolen from her when she was roughly pulled into a kiss. Rated T for mild language and sexual references. It was better that way, it lessened the impact of pain. But I don’t feel like one. Rated T just to be safe.

Rogue Huntsman reviews Sure, he ran a bar, but it wasn’t like people liked him. Even so, he has not been supermombombo2 forsaken. Bittersweet by Rhyfeddol reviews A fashion student gets the hots for a martial artist after ordering hot chocolate.

I decided to write about my OC team and how they interact in Beacon mostly humor based. Lovers at Beacon Academy by TheAnimeFicWriter reviews Just a note, this is a guilty pleasure story made up of ships I like and ones that you guys want to read about. Seven days with just sun, sand, sea and Neo Life is Strange – Chrysalis Ranndom X Max Pricefield by Workard2 reviews -This story contains content that only a mature audience should read- This story takes place at the end of episode 1 and continues to explain the happenings after episode 1 originally ended, with a different outcome- A story about friendship, relationship and the bonds we fear will ever break.

Plz review, criticize etc. It watches you cry, laugh, joke, and repent.