Throughout its original run, Scrubs received critical acclaim, with many critics praising its cast, characters, and humor especially J. Most episodes feature multiple story lines thematically linked by voice-overs done by Braff, as well as the comical daydreams of J. Several actors who guest starred as patients at Sacred Heart during the course of Scrubs returned for the finale. Episode 11, ” My Princess “, was eventually filmed, [27] although Lawrence was absent. Almost every episode title for the first eight seasons begins with the word “My”. Grace Miller Bellamy Young , who dislikes Turk and considers him sexist.

Archived from the original on August 30, McGinley , and Judy Reyes. Turk is promoted to chief of surgery at Sacred Heart. Linear VSO – 8 thread s Adam Bernstein , who directed the pilot episode, “My First Day”, also directed 11 episodes up until season seven. According to Lawrence, “Christa picks so much of the music for the show that a lot of the writers and actors don’t even go to me anymore when they have a song.

Archived from the original on June 22, An attempt was made to fix the error in the extended title sequence used at the beginning of season two that included Neil Flynnbut the extended sequence including corrected X-ray was soon scrapped due to fan and network request.

Supernatual Spiller directed the most episodes, 20 during the entire series run. Archived from the original on December 26, Turk and Carla are engaged and planning their wedding. Archived from the original on July 16, However, a handful of songs were replaced in the versions released to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu due to licensing issues.

Coinciding with season eight, the webisode series Scrubs: Almost every episode title for the first eight seasons begins with the word “My”.

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Retrieved August 13, Maddox, for a three-episode arc. Archived from the original on November 17, Comedian Michael McDonaldwho also appeared on the show, directed five episodes.


Scrubs received 17 Emmy nominations, in categories such as casting, cinematography, directing, editing, and writing, winning only two. The original, slower recording was used briefly at the beginning of season two, played during an extended version of the title sequence, as well as the opening for ” My Urologist “, and a special edit of the title sequence for resulting in roughly 1—2 seconds of music, followed by the line “I’m no Superman”, accompanied by a quick flash of credits.

Retrieved May 2, List of Scrubs episodes. Janitor and Lady Kit Pongetti marry, while Dr. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. It opened up a visual medium that those of us as comedy writers were not used to. Most likely your source is damaged.

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English United States System language: John Inwood opined that older episodes could supednatural rereleased that way, as well. Archived from the original on November 5, Finally, new interns have arrived to Sacred Heart, chief among them being Keith Dudemeister Travis Schuldtwho soon becomes Elliot’s new boyfriend, much to J. Kim Briggs Elizabeth Banksis pregnant with his child.

Of the ss08e19 actors who had appeared in the show since the pilot, only Faison and McGinley retained their roles as regulars.

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Archived from the original on December 3, The Blanks’ album, Riding the Wavefeatures guest appearances from Lawrence and members of the Scrubs cast. Englsih response to criticisms that the change would tarnish Scrubs ‘ legacy, Lawrence defended the decision, as it would allow the Scrubs crew to continue work through a recession: Kelso’s wife passes away and Ted quits Sacred Heart to travel around the Subtigles.

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The title is a play on surgical scrubs and a term for a low-ranking person because at the beginning of the series, most of the main characters are medical interns. Finally, in ” My Urologist “, Dr.


Archived from the original on July 13, School’s in, hospital’s out”. The show’s creator, Bill Lawrence, was also an executive producer and the showrunner.

Zach Braff returned part-time and was absent for the majority of the season, while retaining lead billing for six episodes. The music of Joshua Radinwho ssubtitles a friend of Scrubs star Zach Braff, [70] appeared in six episodes.

Archived from the original on July 10, Cox and Jordan are doing well with their relationship and their son Jack, although Dr.

Linear VSO – 8 thread s Archived from the original on August 19, The transfer of the narration duties usually occurs at a moment of physical contact between two characters. Beginning with season nine, a new version of “Superman” is used which is performed by WAZ.

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Archived PDF suubtitles the original on March 22, Turk is promoted to chief of surgery at Sacred Heart. Retrieved January 22, Made Man on YouTube.

The series was noted for its fast-paced slapstick and surreal vignettes presented mostly as the daydreams of the central character, Dr. At the beginning of season eight, when the series switched to ABC, the chest X-ray was once again backwards. McGinley and Faison were joined by “a quartet of newbies most of them playing students ” as full-time regulars, while one of the freshmen “will be fairly famous.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Associations. Retrieved December 13,