And then he goes. Suvreen says one minute what did you do with the key? And then she wanna go but Alisha asks where are you going? She goes inside of his house.. Yuvraj says I replaced it.. Suvi asks her if she had fun, Soni nods yes cheerfully, Suvi lies on the bed, Soni says she will have more wine and she will totally forget him but she finds the bottle empty, Suvi tells Soni she wishes that Soni would get a guy like Yuvi who would love her so much just like how Yuvi does to her.

Suvreen looks at Alisha, she is talking on the phone. Suvreen looks at Alisha.. He says he has offer for her and asks her to get ready if she wantsto get her port folio done. Suvi wakes up and recieves a call from Yuvraj. Suvi comes and apologises, they continue discussing. And then Jolly comes.

Today is the perfect day.! Did you order pasta yet? He says episoee the door. She asks if this was a joke or some kind of flirting method. Suvreen is very happy and Alisha is angry. Samar then says Guggalji you are forgetting something my house keys… Suvreen is shocked Samar then says why are you so hassled my house keys are with you right. Soni looks at the clock and asks are you ready before the time?? The girls dance to the music and Maddy clicks pictures.


Suvreen Guggal 11th June Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Maddy wakes up and looks at all the pics in the camera and asks himself if it was his work and sighs. They are talking about Jolly. Suvreen says thank you I really needed this. Everything will be fine topper.

Yuvi says that Suvi was thinking that he has gift the dress for her. Alisha says sir I have done my research new fashion is butterfly work and flower work. She touches his face and says do you giggal

Suvreen Gets Thrown Out

Suvi episodr on tension. Yuvraj interrupts and says Impossible Suvreen says what impossible she gets up… Yuvraj says always cleaning up take some time out for him as well he kisses peisode hand Yuvreen background tune plays in the background both Yuvreen look at each other lovingly.

Suvi says that she forgot her keys and Soni is not there. Madhubala 12th June Written Episode Update. Geeti asks to Rohan: She forgot her keys at home and then she calls Soni. RC says thats right as a designer either your follow trend Suvreen interrupts and says Trend set karna.


He asks is everything ok? Yuvraj is still knocking on the door. Jolly throws all the clothes. A password will be e-mailed to you.


Welcome, Login to your account. Like 0 Dislike 0. She says that she will design for a star.

Samar says that she can stay at his house. Madhura tells Ira to watch out for that one and not to judge people easily. Meanwhile Vikram rehearses how to introduce himself to Madhura.

Suvi says that she will make surprise and she says that she should not tell to puppa and then she hangs up. Yuvraj says I like india food but anything that has been made by you.

On Jun 12, Precap- Soni tells Suvreen Jatin cheated.