Fik-Shun, of course, killed it. The audience was surprisingly quiet, a welcomed change to the typical high volume hooting and hollering. Amy proved she is a powerhouse and a serious contender to take this whole competition. Archived from the original on July 13, That great waltz music set the right tone but the acrobatic choreography and expert execution raised it levels above. Paul Karmiryan Witney Carson. Each time the dancers were introduced or recapped, it seemed too short.

It was yet another overtly sexy routine—this seems to be a common theme on the show. Paul Karmiryan Witney Carson. Open auditions for season 10 were held in the following locations: In the meantime, promote live performance, and see a show today. The actual close-hold waltzing was quite lovely though we wanted to see more shading of the shoulders. Archived from the original on June 14,

Nico Greetham Comfort Fedoke. People often describe Paso Doble as the dancers representing a matador and his cape, but rarely do you see the woman literally, and beautifully, wielded as a cape, the way Alex did with Jenna. It is also the first season to last longer than nine weeks. The Best Things to Do in L. Mary wanted more from BluPrint technically, physically and emotionally.

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Due to the format change, the contestants who were already eliminated will still be dancing providing their partner is still in the competition. This show has always seaxon excruciatingly difficult for the dancers, but what on earth is happening this season that there are so many injuries? Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo. Nico and Alexis needed to find a deep connection for it to work. That great waltz music set the right tone but the acrobatic choreography and expert execution raised it levels above.


Jasmine danced with all-star Neil Haskell in a Tyce Diorio contemporary routine, which commented on the natural disasters Americans have endured over recent years. TV by the Numbers.

Fik-Shun brought his fantastic quirk and originality to his solo, proving why he has been so successful this season competing against such highly trained dancers. The four remaining—including injured Tucker—performed incredible solos, garnering kudos from Nigel.

In the meantime, promote live performance, and see a show today. Cory also took an Instagram video of the crowd. Cat introduced the judges: She twinkled as brightly as her sequined dress. She was clearly having a blast.

Jasmine Harper Marko Germar. However, the judges were pleased. Amy and Fik-Shun reunited for a Dave Scott hip-hop routine that was intended to be both sexy and aggressive. With Fik-Shun in his element and Amy far from hers, it was interesting to see how this couple would make it work.

Two Finalists are Sent Packing Posted on: Overall, the judges were disappointed by the solos. They could be the couple to beat. Predictably, this prompted disapproving groans from Cat and the audience.

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She had the crowd on their feet and the judges cheering out loud for her. Amy and all-star Alex Wong danced together in a Bollywood routine that required Amy to dig down deep and find her sexy inner-diva. Paul Karmiryan Witney Carson. Mary screeched with all of that heat the 4 th of July fireworks came early.

Retrieved March 1, Talk about a power couple.

An infection in his knee huh? Amy Yakima performed an emotionally charged contemporary solo. Cory flirted with a zumba teacher from Glendale, and Nigel and Mary showed off their stationary zumba, shimmying their shoulders while seated in their chairs. Nigel LythgoeMary Murphryand Christina Applegatewho brought insightful critique in past seasons.


Mackenzie was smoking in it though, showing off her stellar lines and those incredible feet. Aaron Turner Kathryn McCormick. We were also privy to some entertaining moments during the commercial breaks, watching Cat Deeley and the judges, not to mention Cory the warm-up guy, flirt with audience members.

With Jenna saved, the writing on the wall was clear: The judges saved Nico and Jenna immediately. Meanwhile, Tucker said he is not normally so smooth in his game.

Makenzie Dustman Jakob Karr.

Amy shone, her bright smile beaming all the way to the back row. Lythgoe announced in the finale that the show has been renewed for the eleventh season.

‘SYTYCD’ results: Top 10 of season 10 revealed!

Of course, Jenna brought some serious heat to the dance floor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: Like Hayley, Jenna also played a gypsy in the pirate-themed number. Judging by the piercing screams from the ladies behind us, the favorites remain Paul and Makenzie mostly Paul and Dancres and Jasmine, with a little love for Nico and Hayley.

Dancegs Mother of Pearl. Alexis had a lovely natural quality to her movement.