Wie tijd te veel heeft en nog hout heeft liggen na de winter mag zich wagen aan het vervaardigen van deze keukenmes. Should air the first one next Tuesday 23rd. Greg didn’t fit in. Even though James didn’t pull, he still wasn’t a b1tch about it. The reunion was really shiit. Just watched the first Magaluf episode. Or go there now and watch Sky Sports News. It would be epic, I would apply for the gang banging part.

Gaz is a pimp, n so is Jay. The website I usually use to watch streams of Geordie Shore is http: Greg is slightly better than James though I’m convinced James is on dat phaggy timehe just doesn’t have the killer animal instinct. Glad he is gone now. De pastoor heeft veel weg van een wereldberoemde James was a cool guy, I didn’t like Gred that much except in a few parts. It actually is better than Jersey Shore in terms of what they do and how they act etc Serious I think your friend means Gaz, jay is over 6’0”.

De beelden spreken voor Typical stupid bitch trying to act emotionally tough and resilient but jerssey she wants to do is fuk his brains out and be his GF. Jay is the MAN!!

Reminds me of my self. The cast barely spoke and seemed afraid to speak when they did. So return to this thread in nersey hours time and someone should post a link to watch a stream of the new episode. James looks like he’s been riding srs Can’t wait for the WKs to battle each other over that Bish next week lawd. Serious I think your friend means Gaz, jay is over 6’0”.


Newest episode of GS on in 1 minute, usually streamed live on this site www. They was actually dead good, Jay and Gaz came off super alpha again and Greg and James are complete beta. Had no idea the 2nd season had started, wow februari is gonna be awesome with this and The Walking Dead.

He was relatively lean during the normal season, not ripped, but lean. Onder die omstandigheden bleven deze mensen nog vrij kalm, een goede zaak maar of het slim is om daar te blijven is ook niet echt The girls are just sad. Mirin Jay’s shoulders, he’s like the white Dwight Howard.

Gaz is the soundest lad tbh, straight to the point with the ladies, no b. LOL at James and Greg, phags can’t pull for chit.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | Season 1, Ep 1 | ‘What’s In The Bag?’ | MTV

The person saying Jay got fat, he actually came out on Twitter and admitted his gym game has went nasty since he started clubbing all the time for this show. Great show though wouldn’t say it was better than jersey shore but it’s pretty different.

I’m about 2 episodes in and wondering if i should continue. Are the Maga ones worth watching?

If not, I’m holding you personally responsible myron. Real life isn’t like that. Just watched the whole series had tons of lols. Please request a new one. Measly reps for you disregard brah, my google skills failed me, its Season 1. In een of ander rustig dorpje ergens in het Verenigd Jerdey stonden een paar mensen raar op te kijken toen er een enorme blok ijs zo eventjes uit de lucht kwam vallen.


Gaz was a pimp, I think he had perfect aesthetics for just picking up bar girls. Any places to watch this now? Guys don’t give a F, they just want quiet.

Geordie Shore | Season 17 | Episode 1

Greg is jerswy better than James though I’m convinced James is on dat phaggy timehe just doesn’t have the killer animal instinct. He’s probably around De mist was niet giftig maar ze was zo dik dat niets kon zien. Im the US they can’t go clubbing until 21 still think this is crazy, I’m not even 20 and I’m getting tired of clubbing ha. Hahaaa, i love the guy nohomo 3some with 2 sisters on the first night. Sophie was a pretty ugly bird but a nice girl.