They all were so well sketched and portrayed that it ended up being a story of each one of them. And if I may take the liberty of suggesting another drama, check out Pehchan … it is from the same time, but diff actors and a very diff theme … but like Talkhiyan this one too exists in a time thats all its own.. But I think they should just leave silverwood for good and go settle in Islamabad or something!! Everyone was outstanding and we have said so many times before that the kids were just amazing and deserve awards, they breathed life into zoyee and jugnu! There was only so much she could do before collapsing. Rehmat i really wish Mehr Sagar and Sabina Jabeen get some award for child artists. I am so glad you are enjoying it as well.

She religiously writes him letters and puts it in the drawers of the table in the Church that was once used by father Albert. Thank you for sharing your take on Talkhiyan.. Mehak for her debut was simply outstanding, she set me off bawling when she talked about how to tell jugnu bibi died …I loved every scene of hers, her voice was just dripping with emotion. Sanam, I told you this before, and I say it again, you inspire me to be a better actor, so thank you. In a story about bitterness and pain, never once did I see glycerin induced tears, nor hear language that disgusted me. Hard to believe that this was silver-tongued nawab Sarmad M debut — he was perfectly cast.

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review

Yes I would certainly try and be there to read up on other shows. She is the reason why I have developed so much interest in Pak dramas. A perfect way to end this drama, a classic! Now with the burden of the world weighing down upon her weary shoulders, a very tortured Bibi could only gaze blankly at the poster on the wall which seemed to be mocking her….

Let me know if any of these choices work for you. Spisode huge thank you to the crew, they were amazing. But finding tzlkhiyan who did not want to be found was not an easy task.

Talkhiyan Episode 19 – 14th April 2013

After watching Talkhiyan I had written a summarized take on it. Those will def be missed. In a story about bitterness and pain, never once did I see glycerin induced tears, nor hear language that disgusted me.


It has a very different feel than Talkhiyan so be warned , but stick with it for an ep or two and see if it grabs your attention. They were scarred for life and the end of the novel only highlighted that misery.

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review – Desi Rants N Raves

Email required Address never made public. These kids literally went through hell and had to suffer at the hands of selfish and cruel so called called family.

It just ended a week or so ago, talkiyan the same team. A huge thank you to you for recommending this amazing gem of a drama.

As tasteful as they come, as poetically written as could be, and as aesthetically presented as was possible, Talkhiyan is well on its way to becoming a modern day classic. Thank you for such high quality entertainment.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. But for the time being I just wanted to convey my deepest gratitude for you precious time, your love, unconditional support, and your beautiful words that tied this delicate and intricate story together so perfectly.

Why did he come back after four years, what did he want to achieve? Sabina and Sagar, you guys are rockstars man!!!! Thank you to everyone who accompanied us on this journey and made it one of the most special epiwode of my life so far… Thank you… And thank you SZ again for letting this episodr be heard… Like Like. You as bibi will be missed eposode lot.

Someone please please create a Wikipedia page for him so I can stalk — I mean track all his work! Talkhiyan has to be my favorite serial and thank you to all the cast members too who episoxe came and interacted with us in a very friendly manner, Each one has done quiet a remarkable job. Mehak too was a good casting choice but I have talkhiyn reservations talkihyan her acting ability one look at ek kasak….

Do check it out, and I will wait to hear your take on it. A family where every single character had their baggage and dropped it on the poor kids, who carried that weight around for the ttalkhiyan of their lives, in such epsode scenario you cannot hate anyone, well all except Jaanu baba!


They were brilliant through out. Even minor characters — Aayi who could say so much with an arch of her eyebrow or turn of the corner of her lipsKamo, Baloo though I really wish his scenes with Bibi were better were a pleasure to watch.

SZ thanks for all the beautiful reviews…you captured everything perfectly …your way with words is just brilliant! The dappled lighting, light, dark compositions had me sighing at times. Narrative through adult Zoya was awesome. Really Bibi you took my heart away!!! Perfect voice and right dose of emotions infused in her narration. In contrast to Jugnu-one caring brother is Janoo Baba-the one who thinks he is not at all an unreasonable person….

The meeting of Jugnu and Zoya in the end was a happy ending in Talkhiyan style.

In this midst they befriend Baloo, a low caste and a total taboo for the snobs and hypocrites of Silverwood, whose ubiquitous presence the residents of silverwood bear for their own selfish reasons. Take a bow, you all! It suddenly felt very sad, much more than it did in the end of the novel. It is a haunting tale, epusode directed and first notch acting by Sanam Saeed and Episoee Hina Bayat and the two precocious kids.

Talkhiyan Episode 19 – 14th April – video dailymotion

I know irrational but sigh so is love. She had grown way beyond anybody had ever expected her to grow. BeeGul has reworked the book in a really poetic way that still is a nod to the original. And here I have to give a special mention to the music. Sanam Saeed she was perfect as bibi,much better than Kashaf. How much more would she have to endure to prove herself?