I agree, despite what Bibi chose to do, my heart goes out to her. What a perfect Bibi, you were. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment — your very generous words are much appreciated! Thanks SZ for introducing me to this wonderful world of silver wood……I came to know about talkhyian through ur reviews and that was its 15th and 16th epi review.. A huge thank you. They were brilliant through out.

Hard to believe that this was silver-tongued nawab Sarmad M debut — he was perfectly cast. What all did they remember? Talkhiyan was in a class by itself. I got hooked to it like crazy. So why give it a seemingly happy ending? It is a bittersweet story that touches you and your heart goes out to the innocent Zoyee and Jugnu who are dealt with such a cruel hand of fate at such a young age and for the helpless Bibi who had hoped for a better tomorrow for her kids and herself and who gave false reassurance to her kids about having lots of choices, when she had none. I am gratified that they took the time to read my reviews — much appreciated.

Talkhiyan end was more talkh than talkh ….!! So much so that I watched it 10 times more on net and I have fallen in love with the lead actress Sanam Saeed.

Talkhiyan ~ Episode 19 ~ Finale Review

Mehak Khan her episose in the last episode were so realistic that it tore my heart. This Silverwood heir was not an unreasonable man, nope, not unless he was pushed to the limits.

Khalid Ahmad deserves a huge round of applause for his aesthetics and story telling skills. Drqma out of this world. SZ, it has been a pleasure. It suddenly felt very sad, much more than it episodde in the end of the novel. Fill in your details below or episodee an icon to log in: I guess she did what she thought was best, but was it?? Some of us are stronger, like Bibi, and we try and fight for as long as we can… Others like Agha ji and Mama ji crumble under the pressure.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Such a heartbreaking yet complete final episode. Let me know talkhiyxn any of these choices work for you. He blamed her and her children for the death of his daughter. And on that note, did you watch Pehchan? And of course the best scene of them all, when Jugnu and Zoyee yalkhiyan reunite and he finds comfort in his sister! Every single person has been amazing in their roles! Bless you for taking the time to review all of these dramas!


Do check it out, and I will wait to hear your take on it. I couldnt make it what it said. Once an evil Always an evil;appo jee her tone was still rude even after 14 years Hina khawaja bayat i guess she has never done something like this yet she did it epksode great conviction. This finale review is written very well by you Sz. As she continued her search, treading along old familiar paths brought backs flashes of days gone by, fragmented memories cohering together to form a narrative compelling in its lucidity.

SZ — I recently stumbled on your site, and have been reading silently for a few weeks.

I loved the ambiance, the mood it evoked, the way he was able to intertwine the past talkbiyan the present ever so smoothly, and the performances that he was able to get out of all his actors. What all did they remember? After a long, painful journey Zoya and Jugnu did meet, and in that sense this was a happy ending, Talkhiyan style.

Sanam Saeed she was perfect as bibi,much better than Kashaf. talkyiyan

Mama ji is an indifferent mother and grandmother to Bibi and her kids. Talkhiyan is the story about the Silverwood residents told through the eyes of Zoya, who was also part, but never really a part of Silverwood, just like her mother Bibi and her fraternal twin Jugnu. Bibi, who almost died from inside…when lying to zoyee about her options in choosing job or to janoo baba about her promotion was heart wrenching.

She had spent some of the happiest times of her life here. SZ, thanks for this final review of a a super super play! I agree with you completely.

Talkhiyan Episode 19 – 14th April 2013

How many other secrets did these children share? Sanam Saeed you were epizode reason why I watched Talkhiyan and you have totally totally taken my heart away………you were truly truly the best Bibi.


Hina, what can I say, whatever I say will not be enough. The original story The God of Small Things set in Kerala the southernmost tip of Indiawritten by a truly liberal marxist film-maker who comes from a fiercely matriarchal wpisode, set in a matrilineal society the woman is the talhiyan of the household and the girl child inherits the family name and property with far more liberal values than any part of India— what would it have in common with Pakistani sensibilities.

Talkhiyan (TV Series –) – IMDb

They were brilliant through out. Always have been a fan of your work, but after Talkhiyan you have proved to be one of the best around. You did love them double. I watched very first episode because of two reasons first Sanam Saeed and second your review on the trialors and then the first episode forced me to watch 2nd and I followed this beutiful serial religiosly. I am yet to catch up with the other shows.

And this what we call perfect last episode, every scene was just beauty in itself. It was her twin Jugnu she had come back to find. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

Agha ji is the patriarch of the family who is a cruel man who physical abuses his almost blind wife, Mama ji, but presents an intellectual facade of a respected scientist to the world and had physically abused Bibi as a child, that had made her run away at the very first opportunity and marry the first guy who came her way, who happened to be an Englishman.

Thank you, thank you so much. Just shows how people are so narrow minded and will always think they are right. You are commenting using your Twitter account. SanamI think what you have done in Talkhiyan can not be put in words … You were Bibi all the way.