The fifth season of Doble Kara focuses on the search of Kara’s daughter Isabella, and how several secrets will be exposed when Alex continues to manipulate the family. The day of the court day arrives, Flor decides not to disclose the truth. Sara attempts to explain but Kara, who is full anger, but she refuses to listen and has Sara imprisoned. While hugging Paolo, Patricia slips a secret note into his pocket, begging for the Suarez family to rescue her from Alex’s hands. Meanwhile, Hannah, angry about what is happening, confronts Rebecca and tells her to leave. Alex, Julio, and Patricia then begin to board the helicopter to leave country, however, Kara and Sebastian then arrive, ready to have Alex apprehended. Patricia then calls Kara informing her about the evidence. The next day, a reporter confronts Rebecca in their driveway, asking if she is Isabella Acosta.

That night, Kara and Sebastian then fully reconcile, promising to uphold the promise of punishing Alex, doing whatever it takes. Sara then attempts to convince Patricia to get evidences to implicate Alex as she is the closest to Alex. Sebastian tells Alex that he will make her pay for her crimes and that he did things for her that she did not even deserve. Heartbroken, Edward leaves Sara and returns to Japan, along with Chloe, to continue his recovery. Upon learning this, the Suarez family still live in fear fearing that Alex will return. Barbara then infiltrates the business and, consequently, reports this police, causing his assets to get seized and money to be frozen. However, Alex then shows her arrogance by telling her that it was Dina that murdered Ishmael. Gomez but, unfortunately, cannot follow him.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While on his deathbed, Julio promises Alex that he will protect her. Sara then decides to proceed with her agenda in proving Alex guilty, follows maga, and subsequently gets into a major brawl with Alex. Sara then flees; Alex later calls Sebastian, further attempting to incriminate Sara.

Sara, wanting to mend her relationship with Kara and Sebastian, decides to leave the Suarez household in order mraa give Rebecca a chance to acknowledge Sebastian and Kara as her parents. Later, Julio then calls his sister, Patricia, and tells her to visit him due to his current condition. Dina then threatens to reveal to authorities and the Suarez family that it was Alex who murdered Ishmael Suarez Ariel Riverathe Padre-de-Familia of the Suarez family.


The Acosta-Suarez family, and also Barbara, promise to make Alex pay for her crimes she committed, especially for the kidnapping of Isabella, and also for Alex’s implication against Sara and Lucille. Because of this, Julio and Alex plan to leave the country, once again. Julio, who is in critical condition, desires to go the hospital and seek medical treatment, however, does not go, fearing that the cops will arrest Alex.

Desperate to talk to Rebecca, Sara decides to swallow her pride and become Mayora’s servant in order to use a cellphone that was illegally smuggled in the prison. Because of Sara, Patricia then confronts Julio, forcing him to admit the truth to her. Sebastian’s suspicions soon grow when he finds out that Rebecca has the health epislde that Isabella had when she was a child.

Kara, on the other hand, is also now beginning to suspect Sara as Isabella’s kidnapper. After looking through various photos in the camera, Epissode Arellano executes his plan yq having Julio and Alex apprehended. He then adds that Alex’s only ally was their father, Delfin unseen. Arellano then finds a bullet and has it lab tested. However, Paolo, fearing for life, decides not tell Patricia his feelings, in fear of what Julio might do to him.

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Gomez uncreditedwho happens to be a customer of Julio’s illegal business. Nash Aguas portrays supporting role Paolo Acosta, respectively. With her conscience getting the best of her, Flor decides to retract her agreement with Alex. Views Read Edit View history. Sara then attempts episose convince Patricia to get evidences to implicate Alex as she is the closest to Alex. She then brings a copy of the CCTV footage in a flash-drive where Alex admits she is the mastermind of Isabella’s kidnapping.

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Meanwhile, Alex, unsatisfied with the happenings, decides to frame-up Sara for Isabella’s kidnapping, and plants the kidnapper’s phone in her luggage. Kara and Sebastian then find Rebecca, who has a fever, and rush her to the hospital. Desperate to have a relationship with her daughter, Kara kneels and begs that Rebecca accepts her as her mother. Attempting to clear Lucille’s name, Barbara decides to team-up with Laura and Sara in order to find out who is the real culprit behind Isabella’s abduction.


Sara then goes to Club Felicidad and makes her feelings for Banjo clearing, telling him that she only sees him as a friend.

Mara Clara Sehemu Ya 24 Kiswahili Download

Finally, the day of the court day arrives, Dina is ready to disclose the truth about the circumstances on Eplsode kidnaping. Sebastian, whose suspicions are growing by the minute, conducts his own investigation. Later on, Sebastian returns to the Suarez household, bringing Hannah and Rebecca’s passport, preparing from their departure abroad.

He later tells her that Julio is the head of the syndicate. Sara and Rebecca then go the Suarez household and bid their farewells to Laura and Itoy but, in a consequence of her action, Kara arrives and confronts Sara, telling her to return Rebecca to her.

Barbara then meets with Yq.

Sara puts their cclara into motion by starting a fire, Rona pretends to be injured in order to distract a guard so that Kengkay could steal the key, and Nancy tampers with the circuit breaker in order for power to be shutdown throughout the prison.

Sara then vows to clear her name and to make Isabella’s real kidnapper pay. Hannah then tells Alex that Laura and Barbara were talking about Lucille’s nurse. Sara then attempts to convince Patricia to look for Julio’s gun and turn it into the authorities. A car chase occurs between Kara, Sebastian, and Alex. Sara and Banjo then decide to follow Mr.

The two then get into a heated confrontation, which is then stopped by Sebastian. However, Alex then shows her arrogance by telling her that it was Dina that murdered Ishmael.

Unfortunately, however, Alex found out about her plan and destroys the evidences. Sara, along with her friends, escape with the help of Banjo, who brings them to a hideout location in the woods.

However, Rebecca refuses to leave for abroad without saying her farewells to Sara. Gomez knows Alex and Dina’s connection with one another. Unfortunately, Hannah saw the two.

Patricia later leaves and tells Sebastian, Paolo, and later the authorities of Julio’s whereabouts in order for him to get the proper medical treatment.