You should watch high kick 3: Your email address will not be published. I like the point you said about how Se-ah and Yeo-reum chose self-respect and -preservation. She did her bit and took a ride on the crazy train. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. I couldn’t care less about Se-ah and Yeo-reum though. He thought his life was idyllic until his whole world falls apart. I think JYM ‘s parent still love each other , dad can’t take of his wedding ring?

Posted January 15, After her shower, Jang-mi climbs in bed and Ki-tae offers to massage her tired legs. Your email address will not be published. I don’t see anything wrong with Mom catching them, other than the embarrassment for both parties. But this is a good way for her to realize they are together and are serious with each other. She only redemp after completed her revenge plan.

Hyun Woo Han Sang Jinthe son of a wealthy family, meets a beautiful woman and marries her.

It was only when Gi Tae was with them, that temtpation made an effort to appear as a family. When Gi-Tae was not the one who picked up the shoe Jang-Mi in the pool. Posted February 8, Although the drama it is memorable!

Like someone mentioned before, I too wasn’t attracted to him but he is so growing on me. But I expected more! But I actually like how the writer made they all accomplished the revenge they have set and actually face gpoddrama consequences of it. I’m another Yeo-reum fan right here! But how cute were Jang Mi and Ki Tae in this episode? HD had a douchy past but deep down he’s just a kind hearted manchild. That almost caused JM dead. Finally I can enthusiastically root for these guys! It’s ending next week and as much as I want to see a happy ending, I also don’t want to let go my nemo couple yet.

After her shower, Jang-mi climbs in bed and Ki-tae offers to massage her tired legs.


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Really, really loved you. As a person who really thought Se Ah was the craziest second lead female ever with the sperm thing, I agree with you. If you want to get technical about it, you could even accuse Jang mi of two timing her femptation Yeo reum, who was being remarkably patient with Jang mi’s and Gi Tae’s ‘fake’ relationship.

I’m going to willfully ignore the fact that this episode is the beginning of the end. I need the next episode.

Temptation Of An Angel Episode 14

I’m the Mom of a grown daughter, and I would never just stroll into her apartment without calling, let alone knocking! The show is killing it for the paid cable ratings but I think it still falls short to reply Revenge is never a good thing no matter how sweet it is. I still can’t get over it I can’t help but wonder what comeuppance HYR deserved in all honesty. Though I find it absurd and frustrating, I like it that she can do that comfortably around him. Couples usually run out of things to talk about years into their relationship, but they just started dating.

Thanks for the recap, LP! Hong Soo Hyun Main Cast. I have been tenptation this scene again and again!

He says he was once alone here as a child and this is why he loves episde be alone here now. Se ah is still acceptable bc technically she was helping gitae and she doesnt care about jangmi.

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Emma August 18, at He didn’t premeditate it, it was a split second decision and a really desperate one at that. And neither am I! Posted January 3, And there are consequences for previous actions, as much as there are acts of contrition for them. In the end, revenge is not glorified. Andrea November 1, at 1: Kitae and Jang Mi are so good for each.


I’m actually genuinely curious of what you’re referring to I thought the events would unfold with Ki Tae accepting Se Ah’s job offer; then because his clinic closed down, Hoon Dong’s restaurant would have no customers, so he would go work at the bar; then because Se Ah’s hospital is close to the bar, they would all hang out there like Cheers. It is like it was hitting him bit by bit that ah ran didn’t do it and then he finally exploded in pain.

Marriage Not Dating Favorite. I totally agree with you about YWJ, too!

Something as simple as that would’ve made all this cordiality in this episode that more believable. I find that refreshing in story terms, since mostly in dramaland it’s usually the one being cheated on that hangs on with all they have.

YR epjsode never a bad character to begin with! But isn’t the wife entitled to alimony regardless of who initiates the proceedings?


Episodes by odilettante. When did he become a puppy? I’m glad that they showed the potential conflicts and imperfect components of dating, whereas usually from dramas after two characters get together all we see his hugging cutesy moments which believe me I love but how long do those things really last?

She claims to be fine with Ki-tae working with Se-ah, though her voice is a little too shrill to be believable. Yeo-reum and Jang-mi play matchmaker by sitting Chef across from Manager, and they both seem to find the other attractive. Also, dancing with him. Adal Goodddrama 18, at 7: