Yes No Report this. Foster, who is also looking to keep a sex date with another female admirer, wants to get rid of Ms. As mentioned earlier, this is one of the 4 Cormier books that has been adapted for film; I haven’t seen all of the other movies, but this one looks to be most faithful movie adaptation of a Cormier novel The Chocolate War amd I am the Cheese both have key changes to the end of the story, and The Bumblebee Flies Anyway is changed radically. It is a film that deals with compulsions on every level and in every character — especially a self- destructive teen obsessed with a murderer, a young man obsessed with killing girls, and a weary detective obsessed with keeping the young man behind bars. I am the cheese, featuring Cormier himself, was quite good – certainly better than it’s remake, Lapse of Memory. I have a soft spot for loveable serial killers, and Eric is one. Another book I was so undecided on how to rate. But this film has stark beauty.

The concepts in this book were so alien to me—I mean, not many people can thankfully relate to the psychopathology of a serial killer—and it was that exploration of Eric’s mentality that kept me reading. And, after watching it that would be the only reason to watch it. Eric, confused and angry, walks away. Lori steals his wallet and decides to mail it back to him, but she never does because it is later stolen from her. Why does he want to keep her with him? In a strange way I preferred Eric’s character to Lori’s, because he’s more rational, and in some situations he can be nice and considerate. And if she was, she would have been dead shortly after they met and there wouldn’t have been much of a story! Dec 09, Amy rated it did not like it.

Do you think this is right? He does his usual great job with a performance. A few weeks later they went canoeing.


How is this an appropriate name for Lori? No idea given of why the detective leaves flowers at the roadside cross, roert that’s where his wife was hit which resulted in her being in a coma.

Crowe thinks Foster will kill again Eric is a serial killer, having started with small animals and graduating rather soon to human victims. How did she get there and how did she know he was going there? Comrier Traub is valiant in her efforts to give this heartless rust belt film some spark–but Jon Foster is a dead space on the screen and drowns everything around him in a kind of insidious averageness. But it was still flat and sentimental.

In a motel room, Lori invites Eric to strangle her, even professing her love for him. His books often are concerned with themes such as abuse, mental illness, violence, revenge, betrayal and conspiracy. They’ve dated more than two years. Have you ever wanted to hurt a helpless creature or person?

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Stay in Touch Sign up. Somebody stop this hack John Polsen from ruining any more scripts. Eric meets the pretty girl who had slipped him the note. Eric Komenko Jon Foster is an year-old boy who has killed his parents.

Tenderness by Robert Cormier – Reading Guide – : Books

I would also love to read it again. This little film slipped by everyone despite a strong cast — likely because the subject matter is rather difficult to swallow, especially as related by the time flips the picture takes in explaining the story.

Walking off with the best-written role, Traub actually provides Foster with some measure of salvation. Lisa Komenko Brian Patrick Russell We hope that they will increase your enjoyment of the book by providing insights into theme and character, clarifying points in the plot that you may have found ambiguous or confusing, and leading you to discuss and analyze the larger psychological, literary, and theological aspects of the novel. These perspectives are very different but also are similar at a whole other level.


What kept you from doing it?

He isn’t as rational and careful after spending some time in her company, and at the end it almost seems like he’s losing his touch. Characters share deeply personal details and yet suddenly we are on to another scene.

Jackie Cristofuoro Michael Kelly Oct 12, Echo rated it really liked it Shelves: Detective Jake Proctor always suspected that Eric was guilty of killing the other girls and had fabricated the abuse story. Foster, who is also looking to keep a sex date with another female admirer, wants to get rid of Ms.

A lot of people felt that this book was and I quote “creepy and disturbing”.

Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Before his mother tendetness, she and Eric had a very close relationship. Eric thinks Lori’s a plant by Cristofuoro or the media; she knows who he is and can’t believe he doesn’t remember her.

If we only heard from Lori’s perspective, it would be incredibly easy to hate Eric and despise him for the crazed cold-blooded killer he is. He is charged with murder for her death and locked in prison, even though the Leutenient in charge of Eric’s case knows that he probably didn’t murder her because she was not his type. He listened to her and they left. The ending is surprising, and leaves one contemplating the nature of true justice.