This latest development with Oriana offering Teresa money to leave Fernando alone is a logical one, and I’m wondering at its timing. So many questions and so little time. As to margaritas, I’ve used blue curacao in place of triple sec and that works just fine. Oriana tries to convince Fernando to reconcile with Luisa. Or maybe I didn’t catch it. Fernando is upset about legal issues with Oriana. I think the US does prefer happier endings and not so dark stories. He’s happy they are finally getting married.

Teresa hears the news that Mariano has been arrested. The news is out that Mariano has been exonerated. Teresa is a young woman dominated by her greed. To Oriana’s surprise, Fernando suddenly enters and is bitterly disappointed in Oriana. We’ve had such a wonderful relationship but alas all good things come to an end. Mariano tries to warn Fernando about the type of person Teresa is, but Fernando does not want to listen. Yes UA, you are correct, it is a relative term, but it usually ranges between 50 – bucks. She is always amongst the first to defend Teresa.

I’m going to miss this jolly ole TN.

Both so proud full you won’t fess up to the other. I too find paty and johnny extremely boring and ttelenovela irrelevant. Ruben has taken Rodrigo from Geno’s place and arrived at Esperanza’s home.

She says she recognizes that place and those bags! And there was way too much baby drama honestly does anyone care? I too found this cap very disagreeable.

I keep returning to your screencap link Mayra discovers Esperanza is pregnant. I feel no pity for Fernando, he is the one who is digging himself in the whole and using teresa as a shovel. Aurora comforts Teresa after her break-up with Paulo. Refugio is angry and storms out. He visits Paloma and vents his anger and pain. Maybe each ending concentrated on felenovela of the galans?


Men Just love it when you give them teeresa.

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I think he only left out a fight with Fernando during the whole telenobela. Watch New Film and The latest film produced by Bollywood and Hollywood are always interesting to watch. Arturo says Mariano has been arrested and is accused of murder. And if it’s any consolation, if Aurora hadn’t hooked up with Mariano, you two would have been perfect together.

Although primarily about Teresa herself, other characters and events are included. Pretty insulting that he thinks she can’t handle a little adversity. It’s sort of like the end of a horse race, when a bunch of horses are neck and neck and anyone could pull forward at any second. Starting with the reminder that Teresa insulted her by buying an expensive bridal gown instead of wearing the one she made for her.

He just needs to be a more effective communicator.

Caray, Caray!: Teresa Wed 9/28/11 # Regrets, We Had A Few

Paquita has already pointed those out. Teresa has the asset transfer documents ready for Fernando to sign. When will these two, orianna and aida learn that it’s best if you avoid my girl. Your snap of the wedding gift “car keys” was brilliant, after all, that was a turning point for our little Sharkita. Arturo stops by to pick up his clothes and things. Juana has never felt that way at least from what I have seen re Teresa’s actions.

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Teresa mockingly says, “Welcome to my house Fernando wants to be present when Teresa meets with Arturo to sign the divorce papers. Things are going at a weird, choppy, WTQ speed. Teresa telenvela he may be able to “keep” some of his companies.


Paloma moves in for a kiss.

Thanks to Jardinera for yesterday’s stellar recap as well. She didn’t even attempt to play hard to get. Edit Storyline Teresa is a young woman dominated by her greed. Cap’n Sylvia Sharkbait September 26, at Armando got fired because he left early from work in chapter 33 to go plead with Teresa not to move in with the Professor. Now if Fernando hadn’t come barging in when Arturo was asking why Teresa missed the appointment for the divorce, they may have reconciled.

However, I don’t think this build up is specific to get any of the three endings, the two extra ones where made based on how things where developing, not the contrary. He wants Esperanza to start packing her things.

I’ll also regret that I will no longer get comments from Jarocha, who is always a lot of fun!

He comes to her rescue. Julia October 4, at 2: She is conflicted because she is still in love with Arturo. He deserves more than a rebound romance. Aurora tells Mariano she still wants to marry him. Did anyone else notice that Teresa’s eyeshadow terewa almost back to normal by the end of the episode?