This is what crack must feel like. Just go around savin’ lives, resuscitatin’ each other willy-nilly. It’s completely uncalled for! My family only cooks soul food on Thanksgiving and only eat those types of foods like smoked ham hog flavored collard greens, smoke turkey neck flavored turnip greens, chitterlings, chicken gizzard flavored turkey gravy yes its gravy that is simmered with chicken gizzards , black-eyed peas and rice, sweet green peas flavored with pork, sweet corn, cheese mashed potatoes, baked macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, roast pork or ham, and last but not least roasted turkey. Granddad learned white people had their own survival techniques. Granddad, you can’t serve this kind of food to people.

The same spark That lights the dark? Season 1 Episode Shame on you, Huey. My client’s having a heart attack. Really, I didn’t mean for it to be I-I know what you tryin’ to do! This food is your culture.

I won’t eat it!

Sound like a good start? Granddad, look what you’ve done to this community. Oh, boy, I thought we lost you there for a second.

I’m the spark That makes your idea bright? Seventeen pigs, one and a half tons of grease. The Boondocks season 1. Riley, get the door.

You are gonna eat that cobbler!


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That is not vomit. The show begins with a black family, the Freemans, settling into the fictional, peaceful, and mostly white suburb of Woodcrest from Chicago ‘s South Side.

Call seaeon later, Robert. They didn’t learn a lesson. My own r-restra Huey, you handle the dishes. Do you know how long I’ve wanted to own my own restaurant? I’m part French and Cherokee Indian, with just a splish-splash of Irish.

We still do the Deason dinners. What’s Robert Freeman’s secret? This ain’t exactly the best neighborhood anymore, but we have a bigger problem. We’re on the corner of, um, uh, Cherry Street and- And Fifth. It took 3 hours for the police to arrive.

I found that the whole health-food thing attracts the wrong thhe of crowd. Till the war is won? Email required Address never made public.

They get together for a Sunday dinner and eat the same food that just killed Big Mama. Big Mama demonstrates her love by feeding herself and her offspring enormous amounts of pig lard. You voondocks what’s even a better idea is a lounge singer. If you’ll excuse me. Pig tongue marinated in butter for two days. Uh That’s a great idea, Robert. Leave boondocka Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Actually, it’s my restaurant, and it’s shutting down.


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Nobody went on a diet. My client’s having a heart attack. They were left the scraps of meat and with time they made food to survive and added these recipes to pass on to their children who passed it on to their children and so on.

Not the illegal Mexicans. Explore popular and recently added Booneocks series available to stream now with Prime Video. I like the idea of only eating this one time a year because itis a way to bond with family yet stay healthy by having a balanced diet and some exercise.

Is this one of your menus?

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It was her leg! Three weeks, at Sunday dinner. I believe our business is done. My name is Tommy D, hip-hop lounge singer, and I’ll be providing your listening pleasure this evening.