Jun 10, Lisseth Read-a-holicZ rated it it was amazing Shelves: Like she should, Renee chooses to go back to the life of a soldier—even though she is falling behind the rest of her male peers. It’s a personal pet peeve too, the problem of Renee’s strength. Fantasy Book About a Girl training to be a knight? And yet when de Winter first faces a mage, he beats her in about three seconds by burning her weapon in her hand. Renee de Winter is a cadet at the Academy of Tildor, the training academy for elite soldiers that serve and protect the kingdom.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. I found this book alternately fresh and frustrating. I dove into the world of Tildor and finished this book feeling the sweet satisfaction of a good conclusion Honestly, this is a book I would highly recommend! You follow the law, and if the law’s bad, then you fix the law, and you follow it.

Renee starts out the book as a rigid, inflexible character that made very serious mistakes in terms of her actions and her behaviour.


She does n Renee de Winter never wanted to be a lady, she wanted to protect her country, Tildor. Renee in The Cadet of Tildor is obviously attracted to Commander Korish Savoy, but they do not actively cadte their interest in each other. It’s good to read about heroine that is not almighty or has some special abilities.

Teen girl defends Faerie in lively graphic novel sequel.

I criedi felt the betrayalsI felt the caeetthe angerthe reliefI laughedI smiled right along with the characters.


May 28, Megan rated it really liked it. Lidell weaves political intrigue, excellent fight scenes, and realistic relationships that are not centered on romance between her main characters. Yes Renee did kiss someone but it was not who you wanted and meant very little to her. Savoy has it and Renee doesn’t. It has a very strong dash of what makes Tamora Pierce such an awesome writer, and I see great things in Ms. As such she tilvor the consequences of her actions and eventually learns from them to become a more flexible person that thinks before acting.

The Cadet of Tildor is one of those stories. The author really should have worked out a better way to move the plot forward. I honestly cannot wait for book 2, and Lidell has someone hounding her for any little tid bits she would give.

The Cadet of Tildor

This tildlr a bit like any number of YA fantasy books where a girl trains to be a soldier: Also, if you’re looking for a book without a love story, this is it though there are a couple of crushes lurking around, however brief or quelled those feelings may be. They can be assigned to any location and any task.

Haha, but seriously people. A heroine who constantly pushes herself: When Renee’s hero, Korish Savoy, who famously rose in position from the child of two common mercenaries to Commander of the elite Seventh special missions unit, and his unit are reassigned to the Academy so Savoy can teach, Renee attaches herself to the man immediately, training alongside him and his troops, but will extra training be enough to save her position at the Academy or, when the Vipers’ latest scheme unfolds, her life and the lives of her friends?


Savoy is fantastic as well. From the onset, her friends were flat and two-dimensional and the revered trainer seemed to lack personality as well. But there are people ready to stop that. Overall summary of the book De Winters is a young girl who just wants to protect her people from the vicious deeds of a group called ‘the family’. Also, if you’re looking for a book without a love story, this is it though there are a couple of cr What to say about this one?

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Renee de Winter’s been on one rescue mission, and suddenly she’s the future great commander? Because of the issues involved there is a good deal of violence as well as swearing. What a ridiculous waste of resources. A lot or a little?

Those aspects alone were super refreshing. The first half of this book was amazing and I was so sure I was going to give it 5 stars!! Tthe Samurai, Book 1.

The story is a fun adventure, full of swordplay and some magic. This coming of age story is so refreshingly honest and realistic.