The Bride of the Water God A fantasy romance about an arrogant water god who travels to Earth and meets up with a troubled psychiatrist, the last descendant of the family who served him for centuries. The show feels a little bit like a historical document and, yes, the clothes look funny and the cell phones are museum pieces. Basically a good police show with a bit of romance. There is also Coffee Prince and Hello My Teacher which are earlier ones of his, but I personally think ‘big’ to be better. Youcan also check out Crunchyroll eng subs , Viki eng subs ,Ondemandkorea. Romance parts are excellent. Hugely popular in Korea and, with 28 episodes, extraordinarily long. Best Romantic Comedy Korean Dramas.

But what I am really interested in is that we have a good ending. For a more detailed version of this review, go here. One big difference is that our hero keeps moving back and forth between his time and the present, so the historical segments occupy almost as much time as the modern romance. Poetic, melancholic, emotionally gripping but also occasionally bleak and scary. The show feels a little bit like a historical document and, yes, the clothes look funny and the cell phones are museum pieces. Goblin Every rule has an exception, and Goblin is the exception to our rule not to list any dramas with horror elements.

Princess Hours Genre alert! As for why Muryeong is crowned king after Dongseong dies, I think that will be explained in episode 3 during the last conversation between Dongseong and Muryeong.

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We are three years old now yay! Even though there are some similarities, this is prjnce not a remake. The series unfolds in an alternate modern Korea that has retained its monarchy. Written by In Eun A. Email required Address never made public. And Go Ara as the teenage daughter is simply stunning.

Where can i watch coffee prince korean drama english sub?

A huge hit in Korea voted Best Drama of the Year and the most watched Korean drama through video-on-demand services internationally in He ends up sharing an apartment with other youngsters who are trying to find their way in the K-pop world. This is based on my experience of when I first started to watch them and my relatives that watch them. Written by Lee Myung Sook.


Not quite sure, but it can range from anywhere between 14 to mid 40’s. Where can i watch Korean drama i am legend? Some records say they are step-brothers, with Dongseong as the older one, and Muryeong the younger. Log in with Email. I read the Chinese recap of episode 1, and it seems for this drama, the writer have them as cousins, with Muryeong as the older one, and Dongseong the younger.

Coffee Prince Volunteer Team. But was it even an accident? Written by Yang Hee Seung. She manages to humanize him and he supports her to become more assertive.

Written by Hyun Go Woon. Pinocchio I love it when dramas address current social or political issues. However, the epic tale of a lonely goblin Gong Yoo, see also Coffee Prince who for centuries has been looking for a bride to relieve him of his painful eternal life stuns with exquisite visuals, a tragic romantic hero and a hilarious bromance. The rest of the show runs at normal speed. The plot is generally well-thought out and moves steadily ahead — no annoying repeats going over the same ground — and with only a few minor stumbles.

My Girlfriend is ifrst Gumiho Shin Min Ah and Lee Seung Gi make a cute couple in this comedic take on the Korean myth of the Gumiho, a usually scary nine-tailed fox who likes nothing better than to eat liver … human liver that is. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Firat by Choi Min Ki. So here comes the warning for more sensitive souls: A thoroughly enjoyable experience — I just wish, though, that we could have spent less time with the second lead couple and their relationship issues. The leads have great chemistry and the screen sparkles in their scenes together. A supernatural melodramatic rom-com with a promising set-up: Not that anybody should think suv this is a dry educational documentary — not at all: My favorite Park Shin Hye drama.

That is … until a year-old, unmarried female doctor enters his life. But he learns quickly that undoing events in the past keeps creating new problems in the present. Written by Song Ji Na. Some current drama tropes are missing or at least played down: Our hero is a sweet, dreamy guy perfect role for Choi Woo Shik on a quest to win over the ambitious, tough but also vulnerable heroine Ueea world class swimmer.


Hero Lee Seung Gi is a rookie detective, secretly trying to find the ogoddrama of his mother; Go Ara plays his colleague and love interest. Because this Life is our First A meditation on the meaning of episodw in contemporary Korean society, packaged in a brainy drama.

I could have princw with more comedy and romance and less murder mystery. A clumsy delivery man with loan sharks on his trail dies in a traffic accident and leaves a teenage daughter behind.

Lots of fun to watch how they do end up together. Lee Sun Gyun Epiode Cast. Written by Lee Jung Sun.

The Best Romantic Korean Dramas

Nothing special but nice enough to watch. It has all the existential depth you expect from a melo but it also deals with some interesting spiritual questions, all wrapped in a fantasy story: Bound to Jing Zhi by blood ties, he moves in with the initially unwilling, rather volatile and gopddrama expressive young woman, looking for his mortal enemy.

Immensely entertaining but also moving. The title refers to the idea in Korean shamanism that after death the soul wanders the Earth for 49 days before moving on. Her heterosexual boss Gong Yoo falls in love with her. The Greatest Love In many dramas one of the leads works in the film or music industry, providing us with some insights into ;rince world of actors and musicians.