That was your newborn son. Remember, you’ll be Queen of Cintra. Worth or not, l can gut you like a hog. He’d kept silent for years. Don’t spoil my fun. Why should he have lied to me? Forgot your username or password? To clarify, Geralt from the books pretty much -is- Geralt from the video game, if the first book is any indication.

Let her go and get out! Waste of time, Baron! They believe in conquest, sword and blood, and the rule of supermen. We’re only waiting for you. Ciri, come with me! He must’ve missed you. From the druids who saved orphans after the war. You don’t seem to know where you’ve ended up.

No, it’s your choice. Boys’re playing down in the moat. The king’s daughter and that pig’s snout? The passes are snowbound.

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Thanks for the meal. Pavetta and Hedgehog cohabited like man and wife. Then it weakened and lay down motionless. Tell me, worm, why did you want Tailles killed? They’re me girls Tea and Vea of Zerrica. Green fields over the sea, Where roses are blood red That’s where two great armies ln the battle of Chocieburz met. Yennefer, a new a half of its skin and the treasure.


Take all your men. With so much noise and uproar. Let her go and get out! You can change your fate. You released him from his accursed enchantment by saying, ”l give you Pavetta. She subtites to be killed, but she survived. The diamonds at the end of your lashes Cannot now change a thing. So he can kill me with impunity. Why can’t we pass?

Who’s carried her away? You can’t claim him.

They made sense where you didn’t reach. Don’t leave me, Geralt, please! Yes, we got Falwick.

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The Emperor wants her in Nilfgaard as soon as possible. The other, poisoned, must be in a cave guarding treasure. By the hdxer of parting.

First it seemed struck dead! Yaskier, l killed them and have no regrets. The mothers surrendered them? Well, my mission is accomplished. How did you get the scar? Oh, Ciri, l’ll tell you later.


Outside town, quite close. Like a flock of black ravens The enemies are hurrying You’ve entered but your fate will find you.

You sure it’s the right one?