Heung Heung plays an optimistic social worker. She expressed she still has a contract with TVB: Secondly, why would you need 3 doctors to visit a patient? Those scenes were filmed very profoundly. I told Tracy to let go of her Miss HK identity. I really haven’t thought about it, I said he’s okay, but will have to get to know him for a longer period first. Ben actually entered the industry at age 17 when he filmed a milk commercial, but his slow to get familiar personality got him floating in the entertainment circle for many years.

My Minds Flower Rain Episode Eliza Sam Competing for ‘Supporting Actress’: Compete for TV King title? They are good at not only principle of mechanics. I don’t know why, but I think me and him are just personally very sweet. Posted November 14, Kenneth Ma can’t get depression, then I’ll be done for! The plot is starting to explain the relationships of the new characters.

Kenneth usually gets skin care treatments and massages to maintain the quality of his epissode Kenneth’s anxiety level eventually gets really high and he developed depression.

Posted December 11, If I could get it with Yue Jai then we really must go for a passionate kiss! Don’t use that type of wording. Today I have more confidence to speak up and strive, just as long as its for the best and its the right thing, I don’t mind to speak up. Then their destiny is the same as ATV, there isn’t a difference! Posted November 14, Actually when I worked at the office, I took the subway to work every morning, each day at the same time, I used the same card and saw the same people.

I hope she can get the award for depending on her ‘Yu Jai’ role because I have a deep profound relationship on Yu Jai.

The most recent episode i’ve watched was episode No hospitals are ever overstaffed. What did the doctors do?


Meteor Garden Episode The Hippocratic Crush 2 will be airing this November. This installment has a lot more lines She won’t give herself any pressure. But Kenneth thinks differently, he believes even if the chances of surviving is low, it is still a life and he will do everything he can to help that patient.


Tavia will definitely be a good wife. He worked hippocatic Kenny Bee’s band, but later his jobs gradually declined and then he got an office job before he realized he enjoyed working in showbiz the most.

If I won, would just consider it luck and a little bit of cheating! Facing rival Julian Chung, Kenneth frankly said that he has not given up, and also laughingly said, “You’re not telling me to take off my clothes and go to Nathan Road to rally for votes, or wear a sash while telling people to vote, are you? Like that scene when one of the doctors was trying to revive a patient with a defibrillator but the patient’s bed was up tge the doctors knees and she’s awkwardly bending over. Just like sometimes I tell him this and that, he would say: TVB wxtch like an university, you can learn a lot.

She expressed she still has a contract with TVB: One Netizen discovered in the scene where Lily Ho was in the hospital, the buttons and the whole background set behind crusj bed were hippocratjc stickers. Heung Heung plays an optimistic social worker. The Hippocratic Crush – On Call Honestly, even if we don’t play a couple or married couple, its fine too.

Ultimately he goes for treatment for his daughter and Tracy Chu. In the On Call 2 trailer, it was seen the majority of the main leads and their families are sick or have some incurable disease. Hong Kong winner and entered TVB. A drama that tells of the story between a university student majoring in French studies and a professional interpreter.

Like every other tvb series, little attention is made to the details that puts 01 off the series. The news is just what hippocrratic report said, I never said anything.


Him Him expressed he hipocratic it as a driving force in his work. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. He saw his wife die in the surgery room with his very own eyes.

Metro HK Translated by: Eliza Sam Competing for ‘Supporting Actress’: I’m watcu pleased to be able to train my mentality. My vote already went to you!

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Posted December 5, If HKTV comes into the picture, is elisode guaranteed that they’ll be better? TZE YU wanted to make YAT KIN watcu that he should let go of the burden and live in reality, she transfers to a different department and goes through a learning process all over again. Him Him and Tavia have been together for quite some time and naturally there will be plans for marriage.

Hong Kong from his same year, Ben is considered the more successful ones. Watch The Hippocratic Crush II english subbed at WatchSeries Create a free acount to gain access to tons of cool features like subscribing to your favorite tv shows and receiving Facebook notifications when a new episode is released.

I have my stubborn epieode too. Watch online and download The Hippocratic Crush drama in high quality. Tavia said she didn’t notice it. ND Daily Translated by: Also, there are less male artists.

My mom loves Tavia so much she pretended to visit her son on the set, but in reality she’s just going to see Episoce