Not to seem greedy…. Acula Banned Oct 1, I was talking to a friend about this sendoff and my feeling was that The Big Bang Theory basically killed nerd reference humour for me. If the status quo continues to win out in I. Thank you again, very much. Nov 24, 81 0 0.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Yes, the jokes and storylines are predictable. I can’t get over the fact that someone got paid to make that office. This series of The IT Crowd has been one of the few things on telly actually worth watching. Dec 5, 4, 0 0 6th Hill From East to West www. A live audience is just as artificial as a laugh track.

Hi Graham, I think you are on to a winner with the Roy-Jen storyline in the next series. Caught the special on 4od on Saturday.

Getting geared up for tonights show, all the best for the future season! I hope not to wait so long for the third season! Thank you for those last golden autumnal days graham.

The IT Crowd

And Matt Berry is very good, shame he gets such a hard time from a lot of comedy forums. It shall never ever ever be removed from our DVR.

Apr 13, 1, 0 USA. While season 1 is pretty damned good, season 2 went downhill. I’d love to share with you some swell news about the Windows 8 Metro UI!

What would Baron Harkonnen do? Funniest TV moment of the year. The whole “little person racist” plot was hilarious! Meier Member Sep 30, Well, you just answered the question yourself, Phillips! And the ending was fine. Graham and everyone who worked on itthanks for another great series! Excellent, thanks so much and thank His Noodly Appendage for series 3.


Episoode, I really miss the tech humor. I think early Seinfeld peisode mostly character driven verbal jokes — like the IT Crowd — but sometimes a one liner does wonders.

This is true, compare the bomb disposal episode of IT crowd when the cop says the robot episdoe is vista, to big bang windows 7 more user friendly piece.

Thread starter Stuart Start date Sep 5, Yes, the jokes and storylines are predictable. Moze Member Oct 1, We’re filming Secret Millionaire. Actually, I only want one thing: Oh, yeah, let me get right on that—making the show less accessible to a wider audience.

I guess I’ll have to keep a closer eye on the geek paraphernalia on my next viewing. Dec 6, 3, 0 0 Australia. Women are not allowed to gather to discuss their rights in twitter. StudioTan Hold on, friend! Oct 20, 21, 0 0 England. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Brilliant show Graham, and long may it continue. That’s the part that reminds me of Blackadder, where Rowan Atkinson from series 2 onwards was the only sane person in a world gone mad from sitcom-scenarios.

Nov 18, 0 0 USA. I am looking forward to next season and kinda hope you lean a little back to the tech side of the comedy it is what I felt croed the show really unique.


Official ironmen you are free, champions officially. TGateKeeper Member Sep 30, Apr 5, 7, 0 0. Jan 15, 2, 1 Dec 6, 2, 0 0. Those overly awkward moments and misunderstandings in the show that made up a good chunk of the plotlines crows it great. The writing gets surprisingly clever after a while. I think the whole point of the show as I view it would be ruined! The Mighty Thesaurus wrote: Even the moment of self-awareness at the end of the show was kind of cute, even though – as part of the joke – that realization doesn’t really go anywhere.

Peep Show – All 4

I was talking to a friend about this sendoff and my feeling was that The Big Bang Theory basically killed nerd reference humour for me. Very similar sense of 4odd and timing.

Thank you for a pair of wonderfully funny and entertaining series. Keep up the good work! Cheers mate, for making me fall off my given seating more times than anything else on the telly, from Father Ted to now.