After capturing Claw, all the criminals have gone into hiding until, Claw escapes! I discovered that the subtitles we want are in the second of 2 English subtitle tracks, and that none of the subtitles are flagged as forced. Norman works in a jewellers workshop and fantasises in the nicest way about meeting the window dresser across the road from his workshop. This time, the Detroit cop heads for the land of sunshine and palm trees to find out who shot police Captain Andrew Bogomil. His early movie fame was based primarily on his comic characterizations, often of bumbling and foreign-accented persons, characters which he embodied. Crunch Calhoun, a third-rate motorcycle daredevil and part-time art thief, teams up with his snaky brother to steal one of the most valuable books in the world.

All About the Benjamins Twice Upon a Time If they don’t then I can move forward and compress them down with handbrake. Every one claims that he does not know the girl. The Man with Two Brains The eighth and last of the Pink Panther series.

Damn double post; sorry. Une vie meilleure Martin’s roots in comedy are from a different – and later – era.

Every one claims that he does not know the girl. Originally Posted by talguy.

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After he fails to catch a car-park full of thieves he is demoted to the missing persons squad, only to be faced with the kidnapping of the son of the star of a TV cooking show. Meet the Feebles A few more to add to the list: It was quick,the plot very interesting,I was easily absorbed I did not realized how the time passed.

Son of the Pink Panther Check with the Ripping Blu-rays II thread if you don’t know how to add subs to your existing rips. The Robbery of the Third Reich Serbian: Member since October Originally Posted by ScottJ.


The film is a heist comedy set in s Korea, and stars Park Yong-woo and Lee Bo-young as a con artist and jazz singer who each plot to steal a valuable diamond from the Japanese authorities. They are two different actors, and Martin has stated to the point of nausea that he is NOT attempting to “do” Sellers’ interpretation of the character!

A man caught in the middle of two simultaneous robberies at a bank desperately tries to protect the teller with whom he’s secretly in love.

All that changes one day when he becomes an instant hero by foiling an attempted bank robbery. The Lego Movie 2: I’ve seen forced subs buried in the regular PGS files – so called “contained” such as the ones in Avatar. Yes – have checked Amazon incl. The Santa Clause 2 A diamond advocate is attempting to steal a collection of diamonds, yet troubles arise when he realizes that he is not the only one after the diamonds.

Com Full And Free Then she meets Marianne, the embodiment of her perfect self. Looking for off-beat, lesser known comedy gems by lordpenty. Maybe my generation just can’t understand this subtitle of film, but if that’s so, how could the first have warranted a sequel?

Looking for off-beat, lesser known comedy gems by TibetteSharmen. All roads in the inquiry lead to Christine Vallier, the dead Deputy’s mistress, a beguiling year-old whose mother ran the Assembly’s snack bar. Impossible – Rogue Nation Blu-ray out on their shelf. AC3-Haggebulle’ on Broken Controllers.

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Much to his dismay, he discovers that the management buyout of his company was fraudulent. The Life and Death of Peter Sellers Member since December Bernard, Harry and Alfie are three charming but unsuccessful crooks who smash and grab tactics rarely come off.


If you enable the entire 2nd track, then you get subs throughout the whole movie. Originally Posted by rogue3ky. Story is set pnther World War 2 period, and shows life of two robbers in a war time. An Inspector Calls On top of that come lines like “But I can’t fly!! When their feathery costumes are stolen and used in a bank robbery, they no longer have to worry about employment — they’re sent to prison!

The Pink Panther 2 DVD Release Date June 23,

Elliot begins falling in love with Lisa, the head mistress of the island, and Lisa must evaluate her feelings about Elliot and her own motivations.

Looking for off-beat, lesser known comedy gems by tmaj Crunch Calhoun, a third-rate motorcycle daredevil and part-time art thief, teams up with his snaky brother to steal one of the most valuable books in the world. Zapis z dnia 26 stycznia r. Love and Honor English. But the A-Squad does things their way — with sugar and spice — forever changing their friendship, their future and the nation’s notion of teen spirit.

At Adams College, the jocks rule the school from their house on high, the Alpha Beta fraternity.