I loveee Seol and im starting to love Hae Young too Be sure to stick around, we’re in the middle of making the blog even better than before: It was Mishil’s theme song!!! I came back to this episode because a friend was lamenting about the acting, the overall boredom ot he last episodes and the kiss. Newer Post Older Post Home. Having said that, I think HY is really in denial when it comes to Seol, so perhaps he was taken aback by the degree of his attraction himself. In the Gibang, the girls are in awe with the heroic SY. Soompi code of conduct

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I prefer to watch it in dramacrazy. Deciding that perhaps she might benefit from sharing her worries after all, she calls Jung-woo. THAT is what he’s made for! Do you think the father’s still alive? Episode 3 by Regals. His pal Houndu treats him to wine, women and song, but there’s no forgetting the lost Persu.

In such cold weather it’s safer for grandpa to stay at home. What of SeungYoo who lost his family and his life? For a change the female lead was kickass. Oh and all episodes are there and subbed right now on epdrama.

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To Be Announced Broadcast network: Sorry Lee Min Ho even if I adore you. I need another good rom-com but those are hard to come dramacrzay these days, I suppose I need another Ji Sung fix and will try Royal Family. JD January 27, at Are you really Seongyoo?


Are you talking about eng subs and if you are what site did you find the vids at?!?!?!!!!!!

U can now watch the ep. Your email address will not be published. Any scene without them or one of them seem a little bored This is the drama I’m loving the most right now- highly recommend! Uh Doom Eh Neup I felt it was really good: There are forces at work against the wrongfully accused doctor.

Kim Jung Min Screenwriter: Haha Yeah, I definitely agree. Indeed I thought of titanic!

Very sad for the end of PTB. He holds her hand and pleads that she listens to him and promises to return soon.

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This site uses cookies. I need more caffeine: Now for more OTP action Can’t happen because he’s got to hold onto his stance. And then Houndu has a day of reckoning of his own. And what is wrong with the sister?

The two families struggle to adjust to living together, making for lots of bickering but also warm family moments and laughs. The little monks inform SR that Lady Ryu and the little girl has left without a word.

Can I hope Fhe Hyuk’s role will be as intense as in Chuno? Jules September 29, at 7: Tae-Kyu Kim Kang-Woo is an ex-professional baseball player. SR glares at him and slaps him.


Jang Hyuk Si Young: He continues to run from captors and clearly he is driven by something incredible to stay alive and be free. His intense acting made an instant fan of me. Wang Ja Eh Yuh Jung A detective infiltrates into one of the biggest gang organizations in the country and gets involved in princeds fight for the heir to the gang after the boss dies and in between the second in charge who trusts him with his life and the high police officials who think of him only as bait.

[KDrama – The Princess’ Man] Episode 13 Text and Video Preview w/ Translation

Plus it gave the main couple a balance. And seeing it with no music makes it special Yeori tells him that SR is not feeling well, so he leaves dejectedly. Do you think the father’s still alive?