That I would sooner or later have to visit Ruritania was obviously inevi The Prisoner of Zenda is a classic story taking place in the fictional German state “Ruritania”—a word which has come to be a generic term for “small fictional country in Europe which saved the writer the trouble of too much research”, so well-known was Anthony Hope’s story once. The first indication of this comes with the realization that he bears an uncanny resemblance to his cousin. His ambitious brother immediately kidnaps the unconscious King, secretly Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. They exist, quite simply, to love men. Zapt laughs at the suggestion, after which Rupert throws a knife at Rudy and quickly escapes. Oct 29, Kimbolimbo rated it really liked it. May 5, at

This story features an imaginary land, Ruritania. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Meanwhile, Rupert meets with Michael to tell him that the real king is imprisoned in the castle at Zenda. When the king arrives moments later, he and Rudy laugh at their resemblance, which Zapt speculates is due to a “royal scandal” several generations past. Subscribe to our store newsletter for savings! She found the new King, who she did not realise was an imposter, considerably changed and was charmed by him – a pity for her that it was in fact Rudolph. The series of British historical novels, the Flashman Papers , has the cowardly antihero of the roped into a similar plot by Otto von Bismark in the novel Royal Flash , which was later made into a film. When the two meet, they discover that they’re physically almost exact doubles.

Reign of the Fallen.

The Prisoner Of Zenda Book Summary and Study Guide

Hope doesn’t examine the political and socio-economic realities of the class-conscious, largely elitist and exploitative social order in which his characters move an order destined to be swept away in about 20 years in the convulsions of the Great Warand that’s a detrimental blind spot. And can it be that somewhere, in a manner whereof our flesh-bound minds have no apprehension, she and I will be together again, with nothing to come between us, nothing to forbid our love?

The voices of the actors were well implanted in my mind and helped immensely to the enjoyment of the book. Author Salman Rushdie cited The Prisoner of Zenda in the epigraph to Haroun and the Sea of Storiesthe novel he wrote while living in hiding in the late s.


Retrieved March 7, He came across to me initially as too flippant, and exuding a smug attitude of entitlement that I consider one of the worst consequences of hereditary aristocracy. Recommended to Werner by: He starts out as a minor villain in the story, appearing on page for the first time only at the halfway mark, but then proceeds to steal the author’s attention and reduce the main villain to pretty much an afterthought in the reader’s mind.

Anthony Hope ‘s The Prisoner of Zenda In common with the above mentioned Mars book, but also The Lost WorldJourney to the Centre of the Earth or King Solomon’s Mines we can observe that adventure doesn’t happen here view spoiler [ irrespective or where you are reading or I am typing hide spoiler ] it has to happen out ‘there’, ‘here’ life is regular, organised, it has the grind of daily obligations, everything synopsix to make you yawn, job, marriage, even breakfast – but contrast you might think of Sherlock Holmes which has a contrary ideological basis – in those stories adventure happens everywhere because of the universal tendency of the human heart to criminal acts.

Hope’s mastery is amazing; from the first start of the action it flows like a rushing river,seamless, timeless, effortless, breathless.

The Prisoner of Zendaby Anthony Hopeis an adventure novel in which the King of Ruritania is drugged on the eve of his coronation and thus is unable to attend the ceremony. And perhaps we can only know how well we love if we are willing – should prksoner need arise – to give it up.

Rhe he vanished–reckless and wary, graceful and graceless, handsome, debonair, vile, and unconquered. There are differences, though: And it was the major influence on Nabokov’s Pale Fire, which basically amounts to an extended trippy metafictional cover of the same story.

So he decides to go to Ruritania. Of course, in the 18th century, despite both lip service to Christian morals and a traditional sexual double standard, the English aristocracy tended to politely overlook rampant marital infidelity by both husbands and wives, as long as neither spouse was tactless enough to mention it in public.


Adventure and Thrill at its best with an icing of decent romance on it.

There have been many a book and many a film based on this idea Danny Kaye starred in perhaps five different versions of this sort of thingbut told right it makes for a good story.

He then lunges at Rupert, but Rupert mortally wounds him with his knife and he prioner in Annette’s arms, as she cries that she only did it to save him.

Webster describes Duty as: Prisoner of Zenda is a little slip of a book: As it starts getting really cold outdoors, and as the snow starts to come down and actually stick, I always seem to get the urge to read a good, swashbuckling novel. This entry was posted in Uncategorized.

Rudolf becomes the Prisoner of Zenda, a impregnable castle fortress, no way to escape either.

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I should probably state up front that I love fictional places; countries, cities, stately homes, the occasional uninhabited island Later that night, Rudy accompanies Zapt and Fritz to the hunting lodge to change places with the king. There are some people that prisoher asks, like this, to give everything.

I do not know. Many writers could learn from this technique. Of that I know synopsls Fate has no hint, my heart no presentiment. About The Prisoner of Zenda Swordfights, midnight rides, castles and dungeons… The Prisoner of Zenda is the classic romantic adventure!

A light little entertainment, that’s a zenca diversion for a lazy afternoon. Already have a TCM Profile? Swashbuckling fiction, at it’s core, depends upon the hero being dropped into an impossible situation from which only reckless daring can save the day.