Doc, Drew, as well as Komodo appear in flashbacks. I think you lost them the last time we fought. The three soon learn that the cryptids were actually making a survival colony to save themselves from Kur. You couldn’t have shown up before she started hitting me? Doc asks Doyle to train Zak, recognizing that Doyle possesses unique skills that neither he nor Drew could teach. Doyle Blackwell Part 2.

The Saturdays travel the Earth searching for cryptids to study and battling twisted villains like the megalomaniac V. Upon discovering the ruse, the Saturdays head to Manaus, Brazil to prevent V. Two scientists, their kid, a komodo dragon, and a seven foot gorilla-cat called the Fiskerton Phantom Any false sympathy for mankind is simply your foolish human parents talking! Instead, they end up in Australia when the airship gets infested by Bunyips by V. Argost returns looking for the Kur Stone an ancient relic that was taken from him by The Secret Scientists eleven years ago. You couldn’t have shown up before she started hitting me?

They learned that in order to drive out the spirit of Kur a ritual, using an artifact known as the “Flute of Gilgamesh “, must be performed.

The Secret Saturdays Season 02 Episode 10 War of the Cryptids

Back in the city, Doc and Drew discover that Sanctuary II is using a mother Lau as an energy source, hence the constant attempts by her offspring to free her. Argost and Munya are also there, searching for a clue aecret finding Kur in the creature’s nest. Drew and Doc want Zak to run, but he is determined to help the cryptid, saying that is what they do and that he needs to help something instead of running. Doyle approaches Zak and the artifact glows strongly once more—showing that Zak is Kur.

This episode takes places 3 years after the last episode. I think you lost them the last time we fought. Contrary to what many people believe, there are only two seasons.

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Okay guys, it was just a story. Ulraj comes to their aide and is able to prevent disaster with the help of the serpent. Epsilon’s “people” have a satellite with the Naga’s Kur detecting relic in it, helping them find Zak wherever they go. During the ensuing battle, Doc puts Fiskerton in charge with protecting Zak, believing that his son is the target. After battling the creature, they discover that V. Six months after the events of “Kur Rising,” everything og changed for the Saturday family.


The Secret Saturdays — This special episode is a crossover between the same The Secret Saturdays and Ben A tiny millionth of this world’s population? At the same time, Doc’s group battles Argost for the relic, successfully retrieving it after prolonged dogfight.

After find out that Epsilon’s people have a giant space station floating in space, Doc locates the Naga’s Kur detecting relic and destroys it. When Zak and Komodo Monday attempt to take off, without a source of re-fueling, it falls out of the sky and back into the mirror, trapping Zak and Komodo Monday in it again.

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And your price, mister? The family returns to the Owlman’s cave to find the clue they were looking for, using light to defeat the nocturnal creature. Your mom has bad science. The Saturdays are not so quick to leave, resulting in a fight between them and the inhabitants.

In the end, after getting Fuzen put in jail, they give Mizuki the technology needed for him to continue his research. They lure the Saturdays to Switzerland with a fake Buratsche-ah-llgs, a lake monster cryptid that appears to be a o of unformed tissue.

A young waif named Wadi reveals that she’s the cause, having released Eterno, a giant man made of salt who has an unquenchable thirst and a death wish. Argost, Zak urges his family to head to Mexico to seaskn with the Ahuizotl. Taking control of Bara’s equipment, Fiskerton telekinetically builds several robots which destroy the Saturday HQ, using the wreckage to build a large divining rod.

With the truth about his people uncovered, Fiskerton decides that it’s time to tell Doc and Drew. What are you doing this Saturday? Meanwhile Doyle and Van Cryptivs are in Morocco to find the cryptid black market following the lead given to them by Baron Finsterare ambushed by Abby, Munya and Argost.

After saving her, in the ensuing battle, Zak discovers that he can now sense the movements of cryptids. The Saturdays find out a town is being attacked by cryptids. Zak quickly realizes that Doyle was exaggerating about his oxygen supply in order to keep him safe and returns to rescue Doyle with a wheelbarrow full of quick-dry cement, which turns parts of the lake into stone.


Eventually, they fall into a pit that starts to fill with dirt. After the battle, they then wander into jungle village where the majority of the villagers have lost their eyes. I assure you my design will work. Upon discovering the ruse, the Saturdays head to Manaus, Brazil to prevent V. After a long struggle, Zak manages to overcome Kur, knocking it unconscious. When the Saturdays discover the existence of underground cryptid fights run by Leonidas Van Rook, they suspect that he may be getting help from V.

The episode ends with the Saturdays paying their respects at Van Rook’s grave as a news anchorman reports on the incident saying global climate change is likely to blame and asks if the cryptids left either because they chose to or if the planet owes a debt to a group of unsung heroes.

Fiskerton destroys the relic, deciding to use his instincts to find Kur, but Doyle covertly recovers the pieces.

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Two scientists, their kid, a komodo dragon, and a seven foot gorilla-cat called the Fiskerton Phantom In the end, Abbey risks her own life to save Zak and Doyle, but promises that she will return to finish the job she was hired to do. However, once Zak is expelled from Kur’s body, seaeon glow begins to fade. They return to save Doc and Drew when they meet Ulraj a prince whose father was killed by Argost’s plan who is the rightful heir to the city.

After a trek through the jungle, they are attacked and captured by Argost and his henchman, Munya, as soon as they dig it up.