Across his shoulders was fresh meat. The next day, Keesh started out for the shore, where the land meets the ice. It was even bigger than the igloo of the Chief Klosh-kwan. Not only the Ugh-Gluk character that we can see from the theme but also the other characters. In contrast to when Keesh has grown and become a strong boy, he tried to prove the community that he is able to hunt. So, we can say that the theme portrays about the characteristic of the characters in the story. But he had died hunting for food.

Plot and Conflict Structure In the beginning of the story the author tells about a boy who had name Keesh lived in the poor condition together with his mother. Keesh bent the bone into a circle. On the third day, a great wind blew. No one cried at night with pains of hunger. And Bawn – “Ay, with our own eyes. Character 1 Keesh Keesh was a thirteen-year-old boy who lived at the North Pole a long time ago. Keesh picked up a thin piece of whalebone.

Put it in the snow to freeze. Keesh, living with mother, is a poor boy become a leader in igloo. What is his speech at the council about?

The sharp points made the bear sick. I, Keesh, the son of Bok, have spoken.

Plot of the story of keesh

Keesh was there with the others. His father was a great hunter for feeding people in the village and died when he was very young. KEESH lived long ago on the rim of the polar sea, was head man of his village through many and prosperous years, and died full of honors with his name on the lips of men. The laughter followed Keesh as he left the council meeting. It is very simple. We use your LinkedIn keesu and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more th ads.


While we know that bears are wild animals, but he thought of how his society could survive.

Keesh and his mother moved into it, and it was the first prosperity she had enjoyed since the death of Bok. Download this story as a PDF. Keesh jumped to his feet.

After many years, the child grows to be thirteen. How else can it be, save that he hunts with evil spirits?

Keesh continued to bring meat to the village. His mother was very happy. Keesh lived along with his mother, Ikeega. The villagers were stunned by thw boy having endured the elements and succeeded in his quest, became suspicious. Bim continued the story.

But he sent reply, saying that he was hungry and tired; also that his IGLOO was large and comfortable and could hold many men.

Never did I see such a sight! No one cried at night with pains of hunger. We can derive some moral values of this story such as we have to appreciate the sacrifice of a person and we should not have bad prejudice towards each other. The ends were sharp as needle-points. He explained why the two scouts sent to follow him observed him striding up to the bear, enraging it, and convincing it to follow him. Across his shoulders was fresh meat.


That is the story of Keesh, who lived long ago on the edge of the polar sea.

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After the death of Bok, people around him tend to forget the sacrifice and struggle that he has done. There was much talk after Keesh went to his igloo.

Put the circle of bone inside some seal meat. Keesh was the son of a great huntsman, who was well known and sgory in his tribe.

Keesh used head-craft, instead of witchcraft, he rose from the poorest igloo to be the chief in the village. The first day he came to a great bear.