They will not stand beside you when you are facing death. A month by camel now takes a week by train. Club Mike D’Angelo Nov 4, Very proud of you. A raider cuts the water bag rope. Before their inevitable farewell, Jorge, a young man of Mayan roots, and Natan, his half-Italian son, spend time together living off the Banco Chinchorro coral reef. Paul Int’l Film Festival. He manages to climb up the next day, and finds himself stranded in the desert.

You guys are doing remarkable things in cinema. Using a well written story, with depth and many metaphors, fine acting, using natural landscape, lighting, pure quality in all,aspects. All my forefathers were pilgrim guides. That trail’s been abandoned since the railroad came. At the station, Hassan sells the Englishman’s belongings to an Ottoman Chief in exchange for silver. A truly memorable first feature. As requested by a British Army Officer they had to escort him through the dangerous terrain. Very proud of you.

After they reach the well, they discover that it is contaminated by blood from slaughtered bodies thrown into it.

Retrieved 11 August Theeb wants to join, but his brother insists on leaving him behind. Glasgow Film Festival [43].

On their way there, they pass by a part of the railway where dozens of dead Arab revolutionaries lie. The strong eat the weak. Retrieved 20 January The Bonus section was very interesting, also! Set inengaging little story with few dialogue but full of loud relevant cultural messages throughout, especially the final scenes. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Las Palmas International Film Festival [41]. The Playlist Nikola Grozdanovic Nov 6, Allowed to pass, the two continue towards the rail station. You May Also Like Enter search query Clear Text.

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They bump into Arab revolutionaries who ask Hassan questions regarding his modern Western belongings — they are looking for the British officer, who had coordinated an attack with them against the Ottomans on the Hejaz railway. Abu Nowar spent four months of weekends teaching Eid to swim, before reshooting the entire sequence with a wig to cover his now-shorter hair. Use of landscape, mountains, water wells, texture, lighting, to tell story. The next day, the pair mount the camel and head towards an Ottoman rail station.

Slow moving but beautifully shot. An Arabic teenager Theeb was raised by his elder brother Hussein.

He commented “Damn, this was not shot on digital, right? Naji reverted and suggested this be a feature film, and from there the story begins.

Because you’re a helpless rabbit. Be the right hand of the right when men make their stand.

‘Theeb’ an exciting, unique Bedouin Western

Under the Bombs During a cease-fire in the Lebanon-Israel conflict, a Christian taxi driver brings a Shiite woman from Beirut to the the theeg south to scour the rubble of local towns for her son. British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

In Wadi Rum, they were hit with flash-floods, storms and rain.

Retrieved 15 January Soul on a String A long journey to return a sacred stone to its holy origins forces Taibei, a young Tibetan cowboy, to confront a series of mystical events and earthly adversity.


Instead, they lived in a nearby tourist desert camp.

Jack Fox as the British officer was the only professional actor involved; the Bedouins had never participated in any type of acting. Best Foreign Language Film. Jordan’s Bedouin Western ‘Theeb ‘ “. I am a… Child Teen Adult learning to read.

Very proud of you. I can’t tell you how impressive this is. Retrieved 15 September Her only escape is a torrid affair with a Fantastic traditional classic excellence in film and story telling. He is Franciscco, a gravely injured mercenary who mpvie one of the perpetrators of the massacre. He who swims in the Red Sea cannot know its true depth. On their way, Hessein was shot by the bandit, the poor little boy was left alone with no water and no food, but in his mind he wanted to revenge and find the killer for his beloved brother.

Paul Int’l Film Festival. Retrieved 23 November Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This page was last edited on 8 Novemberat A fascinating and moving film, this is highly recommended.