The minister known as Thangapandi has arrived at Anandha Madam to meet with the Siva Acharya whom asks his disciple Bhakti Saradhan to bring a Jothida Rasi Chakram a chakra containing the 12 zodiac signs together with 3 shells. Bhadra started to get worried about this. After the chakra disappeared cracks appeared on the ground and a horrifying growling sound can be heard within. She immediately tells the manager Charles to bring some of his people to go in search of Yaksha and he agrees to do it immediately. Sugumadhapura asked Jyothirlingam about this unknown entity known as Kalanthakan and Jyothirlingam said that he Kalanthakan is actually the Rajaguru of Chakravarthini Simharathna Yaksha and he is a practitioner of the black magic. Kelas tajwid online downloads Jun 20, Here are some Tamil serial couples who have actually tied the knot in real The couple fell in love while they were paired opposite each other. On the same night a worried Alangariamma was walking around the secret chamber while reminiscing about the incidents that had happened, her disciple Pasupati came into the chamber and told her that even though both of them are trying very best to bring Yaksha and Aravind together but their plans are always failing.

Yaksha does as per Kalanthakan’s instruction and serves Aravind who started to imagine that Yaksha is Darshini and proceeds to the room to consummate with her but once again his actions were halted and spoiled by Jyothirlingam’s interruption who caused a lightning strike and thunderstorm. Once Yaksha and Aravind arrived at the palace they was surprised and also happy to meet back with Darshini who was also glad to meet back both of her friends from Palangi Malai. A while later when Shwetha arrived and was busy talking to Mohan, Ramesh silently sneaked into the room, stole the money and kept it in his car. Rana Maayan made sure that her journey was smooth without any obstacles while Kalanthakan follows behind her car. He proceeded to pick up his daughter who asked him for the ornated wooden box within which contains an evil doll. He told her to meet with Alangariamma and after meeting her she agreed to buy the palace told by Alangariamma as she was made to believe that the palace is the safest place for Yaksha to live But the truth is that the palace is the same place where Kalanthakan’s Pretatma resides in. The scene then shifts to Sun TV News Channel whereby a news reporter reports of a huge earthquake that had occurred at Himachal Pradesh with a magnitude of 8. Yaksha starts acting intelligently.

The next day Bhadra and his brother arrived at Darshini’s house when she’s not there to capture the pigeon but his plans gets backfired as he was captured by the people who called the police that arrested him and his brother later on. The Chief Scientist Subramaniam informed what had happened to Minister Thangapandi who got very disappointed and he told the chief scientist to inform once their technology systems have been restored.

After knowing his purpose, Alangariamma tells him that she wants Darshini dead and she wants him to do it or if he refuses he will end up in a big danger. When she entered the house, Darshini’s mother tells Kuyili aka Sugumadhapura to bring Shwetha to the restroom as the Shwetha wanted to use it. But she asks Aravind to promise that he won’t reveal to anyone that they both got married.

Rana Maayan called Bhadra and hands him with a sachet of green powder and ordered him to give the green powder to the 3 visitors who are about to come to the palace. Rana Maayan further states that tomorrow he is going to offer one of the visitors as a sacrifice. Once Kalanthakan appears, Yaksha tells Kalanthakan her problems to which Kalanthakan uses his black magic powers and summons a black liquid in a container and instructs Yaksha to mix it with the cup of milk she’s going to serve Aravind and tells her that Aravind will automatically be intoxicated by the effect of this liquid and become submissive to her.


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Rana Maayan who have begin the sacrificial prayers calls Darshini, Yaksha and Aravind using his evil powers the three of them who already have fallen into his hypnotic powers obediently follow his order into the chamber where he’s waiting for the three of them. The show last aired on 14 September and ended with 93 episodes.

Somehow with the blessings and grace of his guru Rana Maayan he was released from the police custody. Alangariamma took Yaksha to a room that has two portrait and when she opens the first portrait she introduces Yaksha to her past life as Chakravartini Simharathna while when she opened the other portrait’s cover she introduces her to Aravind aka Surya Kundala Arasan during which Yaksha has a Deja Vu moment of her past life but she breaks off and told Alangariamma to bring her out of the secret chamber.

Aravind laughed on hearing all of these and further inquires about the location of the haunted palace. The scene then shifts to Sun TV News Channel whereby a news reporter reports of a huge earthquake that had occurred at Himachal Pradesh with a magnitude of 8.

Pages in category “Tamil Nadu drama television series” The following pages are in this category, out of approximately total. He managed to convince all the three of them that Paounu was unconscious all the while. Amudha Oru Aacharyakuri Tamil: They go in search of Darshini and at a rural place Darshini gets surrounded by the goons. Bhadra leaves the place immediately to check. Yaksha uses her location tracking system GPS to determine the exact direction of Yaksha Guesthouse and the GPS directs her to take her turn to the left.

He said that he came in search of a pigeon that’s following Darshini but he ended up in the secret chamber.

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She then cures his wife by making her to walk back normally and both of them agree to let her stay in their palace after this incident. Bhadra mixes the green powder into the sambar dhal curry while the 3 visitors introduce themselves thiraj one another.

When Rana Maayan and Alangariamma confronted Yaksha about her decisions she said that she’s doing the right thing and told them to follow her once she reaches the place she tells Alangariamma to call her son Kalanthakan out. After the chakra disappeared cracks appeared on the ground and a horrifying growling sound can be heard within. The minister known as Thangapandi has arrived at Anandha Madam to meet with the Siva Acharya whom asks his disciple Bhakti Saradhan to bring a Jothida Rasi Chakram a chakra containing the 12 zodiac signs together with 3 shells.

Before he left the house he told to Mohan that he is going to his office and thought that he has succeeded from not gaining any suspicions from anyone. During this moment the palace owner notices the old woman and her assistant in his palace veranda and ask her to leave the place to which the old woman says that she will not leave as she have came to the right place at the right time. The scene shifted to Darshini who called Aravind and informed him that she wants to meet him at a park urgently and Aravind agrees.


Bhakti’s attempt on saving Aravind fails as he was chased away by the evil spirits under the control of Rana Maayan whom proceeds to take Aravind’s body back to the palace. At the same time Jyothirlingam told to Sugumadhapura that he’s aware of Kalanthakan’s followers and told that there are many good people who are at their side that would be participating in the upcoming battle between good and evil.

She also strictly told him to not hurt Yaksha’s feelings anymore or he will earn her wrath as she can’t bear to see Yaksha cry. At the same moment in a far away place, somewhere near Palangi Malai, Jyothirlingam summoned Sugumadhapura and told her that he has got something important to inform.

This irritates Yaksha and she plans to remove Darshini from her way. Pasupati hands over the rose to a small girl and told her to pass it to Yaksha but she passes it to Sandhya Lavanya’s sister who puts the enchanted rose on her head and automatically falls in love with Aravind. This article contains Tamil script. He told Bhadra that he is going to sacrifice the heroine and make sure that the hero and the female villain be together so that both of them will give birth to a child that will give him the power to control the all powerful Kalanthakan.

Votes could be cast through SMS, IVR and online, after two performances by vdeo contestant, Diwakar was declared as the winner and received an apartment worth Rs. Knowing that Darshini is accommodated in Sultan’s home, Yaksha’s goons kidnap her.

A heartbroken Aravind lodges a complaint in the nearby police station at the mean time Yaksha calls Aravind. When she was about to leave she asked Alangariamma tbirai who is the third person’s empty portrait.

The scene then shifts to Aravind’s company and Aravind’s colleague was telling to him that maybe Yaksha might be interested in him but he said that maybe she has a mutual respect and trust in him as a friend and he does not categpry to confuse it with love unless she confirms it. Mandakini viedo tells her daughter in law caetgory son to go to bed while she handles the situation by herself. Balachander and Ashwin and produced by Pushpa Kandasamy.

Jyothirlingam also manages to send back Aravind and Yaksha away from the palace back to Chennai while Darshini’s brother who escaped from the tribal people came and took her back to Chennai. Bhadra obediently listens to Rana Maayan. The show last aired on 20 September and ended with episodes, the story is about the students of a school named, Gandhi pallikoodam.

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That chakra flashes a light above the ground before disappearing. Bhadra says that both of the girls looks very beautiful and he asks Rana Maayan to reconsider his act of sacrificing one of them to which Rana Maayan affirms Bhadra to do his duty. During the same time Alangariamma tells the effects of the marriage of Yaksha and Aravind to Pasupati. Now Flashback Time, years ago, There was three kingdoms which is Icchapurani Dynasty, Satavagheeni Dynasty and Suryakundala Dynasty and this three dynasties was involved in a ferocious videoo war and the war was known by the name of Kalavana War.