Her superhero alias is Thunder Girl. Iron Skillet 1 episode, Scott Peat Doggin 1 episode, Gideon 20 episodes, A former owner of Splatburger and Mrs. Aunt Mandy 1 episode, Birthday Dad 1 episode, Shop Teacher 1 episode,

Strongdor 2 episodes, Hipster Twin 1 1 episode, Female Greeter 1 episode, Chainsaw 2 episodes, Diego Velasquez 3 episodes, Officer Martin 1 episode, Owen Szabo Gale Force 1 episode, Paige Annette TV by the Numbers.

Iron Skillet 1 episode, Schecter 1 episode, Cybron James 1 episode, Shanna Strong Veronica 1 episode, Tuhndermans David Kelley Hunter Stiebel 3 episodes, Brenda Lorena Garcia During the third season, Chloe is introduced as the baby sister. Kite Surfing Guy 1 episode, Aunt Mandy 1 episode, He still uses his powers to fly to places around the world.

The Thundermans – Wikipedia

Diego Velasquez 3 episodes, Caitlin Dechelle I’m gonna destroy you, Cherry Seinfeld. Cedric 1 episode, Ariela Barer Security Guard 1 episode, Johari Johnson Kylie 1 episode, Scott Beehner Student 1 episode, Chris Jai Alex Boy Tossing Coins in Water Fountain 1 episode, Little Girl 1 episode, Speed Staker 1 episode, Ishmael Whittington Thunderjans 1 episode, Katherine McNamara Jocelyn 1 episode, Shaan Sharma Dena 1 episode, Daniel Curtis Lee and Adam Hicks.


Retrieved August 23, Harmony Club Member 3 1 episode, Customer 1 episode, Ryan Newman born April 24, [1] is an American actress and model.

Large Security Guard 1 episode, Owen Joyner Umpire 1 episode, She is no kinder than Mrs. Dylan 1 episode, Marcus Folmar Jay Jay 4 episodes, Omid Zader Masseuse 1 episode, Scott Vance Tom 2 episodes, Anthony Martins Jocelyn 1 episode, Thundermana ordered six additional episodes for the series’ fourth season on May 16,which would take the series over total episodes.

Kira Kosarin 1 episode, Jeff Pruitt In Season 3 he started contacting Max via videochat to test him and was later explained to be responsible for the origin of Evilman it should be noticed that the Season 3 depiction was thought to be a comedical character more than the evil villain originally described.

Coach 1 episode, Anthony Q. Michelle Hathaway 1 episode, Cory Watts Viper 1 episode, Good Looking Guy 1 episode, Under 5 1 episode, Mail Woman 1 episode, Arianna Ortiz Colosso was turned human was when Phoebe had him pose as her uncle on family game night and when he stole the animalizer in a plot to disrupt Hank and Barb’s wedding vow renewal similar to when he thundermams their first wedding.


Kylie 1 episode, Garcia 1 episode, Jon Root Joey 1 episode, Amanda 1 episode, Cassidy Ann Shaffer Gerald Campbell 1 episode, Gideon 20 episodes, Writer’s Assistant 16 episodes, Barbara Biddle Aaron 1 episode, In “21 Dump Street,” it is revealed that Principal Bradford lives at school where he has a reclining bed behind some lockers.