We’ll need more info, but I’m curious what they’ll do with The Shredder in this story line. Main antagonist in the 2k3 series 7th season, an engram of the Utrom Shredder. The time will soon come when I’ll be able to throw swords into people’s faces again. Phantom Phantom Topic Creator 10 years ago 9 Yeah, I would’ve liked to have seen what this Triceraton Shredder would have been like. This is to reduce spam and also increase discussion. Keep me logged in on this device.

Bushido is coming back in style Graphic NSFW content not is permitted. The Tengu Shredder is from the “lost” Season 5. XD “Oh no, one of my favorite cafes got totaled! Log in or sign up in seconds. Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last. Nick and Nicktoons air repeats a LOT!!


No direct links to personal eBay auctions or equivalent selling site. Would make for an interesting boss battle Oh, I also forgot to add that aside from his god like powers, the Tengu Shredder also turns into a dragon.

If you can wait a little Nick is releasing the first season as a complete set finally. It is also expected that submitters will monitor their posts and engage with the sub’s response. I could see Karai getting a Shredder outfit as an alt. When I heard about that aborted plot arc, I could only shake tmntuplaoder head.


Graphic NSFW content not is permitted.

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They release them the day after they come out. Realistically speaking, my guess is they’ll likely use either the human or utrom Shredder.

But the art style is apparently the only thing taken from the film. He could be the central villian, or he could be just a presence felt by all. Outside cyberspace, has very few powers to differentiate him from the other Shredders.

More than likely, it will either be Human Shredder, or yet another weird spin-off on the basic idea of what he represents. Pity they gave us that Sho’kanabo guy instead, what a waste. Anyway, since this game is independent of all the story material from the comics, cartoons and movies, the story could be anything. Became The Shredder in the 4th season of the 2k3 series. I don’t think 80’s Shredder would do anything at all.

Submit a new text post. A mutation of human Shredder. The time will soon come when I’ll be able tmntuplkader throw swords into people’s faces again.

If they use the human form, I’m hoping they’ll allow him to mutate to his Super form and hopefully add the music for him. I forgot that, like Karai, he also masqueraded as The Shredder.


OR, on the other hand, maybe we might even get that “Triceraton Shredder” that was rumored to appear in “Fast Forward”, but was never alleged to get off the drawing board. We’ll need more info, but I’m curious what they’ll do with The Shredder in this story line. A powerful demon with god like powers. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

No Spoilers in the post titles. Oh yeah, forgot about the anime. So, discuss what you think they’ll do with The Shredder.

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