Things could get worse if you mistakenly delete those needed by system running. Features new output templates for YouTube, Smart Phones and more, which further enhances the versatility of the software. I installed ffdshow and i run mpc, but dont know too much how tmpgenc environmental vfapi plugin section really works. Fixed Enabling Deinterlace by default could considerably slow the output under specific conditions. Please check it in that case. This filter allows you to add a freehand painting image to the timeline by drawing on the preview.

Fixed Subtitle SRT file importer now keeps the imported data up to the point where an error occured instead of discarding the whole data. Added SSE4 routines optimization. The deinterlace filter now contains the high-precision adaptive interpolation method which was optimized and also enhances the referring and comparing algorithm from the already implemented adaptive interpolation. Made the file output speed faster in the bit Windows environment. The Subtitles filter now supports ruby characters which can be added easily by specifying a simple tag ruby characters are typically used for Chinese or Japanese text which aid in pronunciation of uncommon characters, but you can use it for translations as well. Fixed An error would arise when rotating a picture in the Slideshow editor. Thanks god, I finally clean one antivirus program completely after referring your advice.

Fixed Some players would create noises when playing an audio file outputted in MP3 joint-stereo mode. Could not import specific DPX files which have a 0xffffffff value defined as the header size. Also, now supports H. Supports using an image file for the Layer of the Mask filter.

Fixed An error could appear when outputting in Flv44. Perfect for edited clips that you need to reuse in another project, saving you valuable editing time. Fixed Depending the display size, the Overlay display mode added a black line around the picture; this has been fixed.

Could not remove a key point icon from the Timeline mode correctly by using the right-click menu in environments which could not use Direct 3D or the option was checked off. Refer to your device’s user manual or contact the device maker.


Tmogenc An tvnw5 where the aspect ratio of a 4: Fixed CUDA – “Simple duplication on stripes only” and “Inverse pulldown reinforced anti-stripes ” deinterlace mode would not function properly. Changed “Delete the batch list when completed without error” option added to the Batch encoder preferences.

There are over transition effects to choose from, ensuring that you can add your own unique touch to your videos and plu-gin. Changed The “Update batch list file Fixed An insufficient memory error would occur when encoding the biggest WMV clip registered in the Source stage.

Other Changed the compatibility of the project file.

Or perhaps you would prefer the “Timeline Mode” with more editing freedom that allows effects such as picture-in-picture, animation transforming and more by using the timeline layers.

Fixed Noise could appear when applying the Time tone reduction filter on a monaural audio stream.

Occasionally the current seek point returned to the first frame when moving to the Cut Edit window from the Filter window in the Clip editing window. You can search any scene quickly simply by clicking the right mouse button while viewing the quick-scrolling thumbnail strip.

TMPGEnc Movie Plug-in FLV4

Supports up to High Intra 4: Allows cutting up to ranges at once. The New Revolution has come, with powerful editing functions. The default uninstaller of the program is MsiExec. This allows you to pug-in only the selected range while keeping the current project without any changes. In addition, when importing an AAC stream you can manually set the number of channels in the “Clip properties” stage of the “Clip editor” window. Added the Naming method selection for a clip which is imported using TS title selection.


Click on Analyze button to conduct the regular removal. Fixed the MPEG file reader as follows: Fixed Changes to the audio noise reduction filter would not be correctly be taken into account after a preview.

Improved PNG file handling. Added the “Outside Video Area” setting to the preview background color change function.

Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Supports importing MXF container files which is popularly used in the prosumer market. Some settings of the “Video” tab are now in the “ISO” tab. New Added new functions to the QuickTime 7 Reader as follows: Improved to adjust a file level to the actual level if possible when importing a file which has a different level described in the header from the actual data stream in MPEG-4 AVC files.

It’s a great way to create digital photo books of memorable events such as a vacation, graduation, or wedding. Feb 23, New Windows Vista compatibility.

Oct 7, Please refer to this page: The tpmgenc technology of the encoder, the world renowned x encoding engine, is used. Fixed AAC decoding now resumes instead of stopping after some corrupted data has been encountered. Requires an environment with a series or later GPU Kepler core generation and a compatible driver.

TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works -> History & Old Downloads | Software – Digital Digest

Mar 14, Please refer to this page, http: The size of the output data set in tmphenc settings differ materially from the estimated size. You can view these attributes in the Properties of the file. Fill out any fields that are incorrect or not up to date. Apr 25, Improved: