I’m blind right now to the flaws of this episode.. Ahn Hye Kyung Supporting Cast. Bel Ami Korean Drama. Hyori’s Bed And Breakfast: Eun Gyuls fantasies are just soooooooo adowabwle. What better way then to fight over the girl you like over a 1:

Crows Explode Japanese Movie. High Society Korean Drama. Also the boys are just so cute! He ponders whether going to Canada would be the right decision to make and he recalls all their memories together, both the good and bad. Then his suspicions were further aroused when he caught her after the marathon. Looking Forward to Romance Korean Special. Architecture Korean Movie. I already give myself headaches from smiling so hard and giggling like a flipping idot, lol.

The 8-Year Engagement Japanese Movie. Architecture Korean Movie. Choi Jong Yoon Supporting Cast.

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And the first kiss, the nice little double-meaning’ed statement. By the way, the need to stop with the obvious product placement, money doesn’t grow on trees dammit!


Right now he’s just being bitchy, and his crush has been transferred to Eun-gyul, not Seung-ri. The Last 49 Days Korean Movie. Seo Jun Young Supporting Cast. Absolute Boyfriend Taiwanese Drama. I wonder what Jung-hoon is going to do instead of climbing a mountain. Temptation of Wife Korean Drama.

Why haven’t I learned the K-version totally differs from the previous Jdrama. Well, I guess manga heroines tend to be beautivul that way.

Prince of Wolf Taiwanese Drama. Kim Ian Supporting Cast. Kimi Wa Petto Japanese Drama. Should we have a support group or something?

To the Beautiful You

Season 2 Korean TV Show. Love at First Hate Thai Drama. Present Perfect Thai Movie. Beautful Shot Taiwanese Drama. He just completed the episode.

To the Beautiful You: Episode 9 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Valid Love Korean Drama. Thank you for the very detailed recaps. Eun-Young with an aunt that she starts to call mom. Even if Ashiya was really a little dim. Bbeautiful I love the manga. Vampire in Love Japanese Movie. Kang Ha Neul Main Cast. I love every little scene among our love square!


But besides that I loved this drama, it was so much fun! Top Actors Add New Person. Log in with Email. Drama Stage Season 1: Drama Special Season 7: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Black Butler Japanese Movie. Love and Lies Japanese Movie. At least you’re Episodes by odilettante.

I admit I’m not even watching this but Eun-gyul all the way yo! The Foxy Pilot Thai Drama.

Oh and totally loving Eungyul’s new hairdo