Moreover, self- administered questionnaires are also effective when the questionnaire topics are sensitive as respondents would not feel unwilling to answer. Some critics criticize the role of television and they have point of view that television is disease and it is affecting every corner of every society. There are some people who say that adapting a novel is not the best approach in the local film industry and by the filmmakers prefer to have the script based on the story of the popular teens today. Besides only 5 percent is strongly agree about it. Extend the study to different adaptation of local drama serial Since the phenomenon of adaptation is steadily expanding, there are numbers of local publishers such as Karangkraf, Karya Seni, Penulisan2u, Kaki Novel, Buku Prima and many others that become the selected publications of the production to produced film or drama in Malaysia. The International Communication Gazette, 69 3 , Rahim, Mohd Helmi Abd. Other respondents said that the television drama storyline is different from the novel itself with 17 percent.

As we can see at the above table that the opinion of drama serial adapt from novel share with the same percentage of 24 percent as most of the respondents points out that it is interesting to watch and also include good idea to adapt from novel become into drama. Malay drama on Malaysian television is a feature that can describe the image of the nation’s culture. Retrieved December 7, , from http: Toynbee eds Analysing Media Texts. Lastly, this research courage to enlighten that as colourful as the drama serials that were created and has played an important role towards the development of creative industries, the Malaysia drama serials itself which represents Malaysia as a pleasant multicultural country. All the data for this research that were presented will be discussed regarding on the objectives of this research and the findings were then analyzed by using frequencies.

The impact of reality television on viewers perception of epidode Nevertheless, both are used to support processes of development and transformation plus both also are irregular in nature and seek out to intertwine numerous melodramatic threads across its comprehensive of constant narrative flow Gillespie, It does not required in research questions.


January 22, adaptasi ayda jebat drama episode episode 1 marisa yasmin novel para pelakon shukri yahya sinopsis slot akasia tv3. Values and Attitudes of Young Malaysian. Whereas, 24 percent of the respondents answered much about this drama serial which is the best thing on television today. The data obtained will be analysing according to the research objectives. Improve the quality of local adaptation drama serials The best part of the novel that being adapted is that it already has their own followers or readers.

Arrogant,Download Facebook video and save them to your. A drama or popularly recognized as a soap opera is like a story which describes as a sequence of actions and a web of connections that connect a person or societies which can be factual but frequently is unreal.

The interpretation of the text to the visual narrative cannot happen as easily.

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The highest obsession of young people seems to focus on radio and television. Sinetrons are produced in Indonesia to come across the requirement of television stations for low-cost options specifically throughout the financial crisis in the 90s Aartsen, Usually, kash of the contents of television provide entertainment which for this purpose different formats like music shows, game shows, morning shows, infotainment programs and dramas are produced and broadcasted.

Saya amat berbesar hati untuk masa dan kemurahan hati anda. Mass Media in a Changing World. Data collection was done in November using self-administered questionnaires.

Moreover, media also have their greatest influence tonon individuals over time to time. The finding of either viewers are getting the knowledge, belief and also meaning by watching the drama revealed that the storylines of the drama serials include with the focus on real-world events which is from raising children to emphasizing the personal achievements. According to Murchhe recognizes two types of stimuli which are distant stimuli that refers to the external object and proximal stimulus which refers to the sensory representation of the stimulus by the nervous system.

Narrative Analysis, in M.

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A Test of the General Aggression Model. Followed by rating it good for this drama serial with the percentage of 29 percent.


According to Orsteinhe suggests that the left hemisphere involved analytic, verbal, logical thinking and underlying by thought, logic, language, mathematics and others while the right hemisphere is holistic with limited language ability, responsible for our orientation in space, body image, recognition of faces and others. Watch Sons of Anarchy: The questionnaires were distributed to all respondents as located in Subang Jaya, Selangor area and to private and public organizations and as for the individual as well.

Please answer these questions as honest as possible. Television integrates consumerism among viewers. In their early stage of marriage life, both of them does not love and do not care for each other. However, 32 percent of the respondents answered moderate while 15 percent answered very much that they are very excited to see what will happen next in the drama serial.

From there, it’s also helping the publishing industry in Malaysia, as it will increase the total demand for the production of the novel. About 19 percent of respondents answered very little. Bottom line, any further research of the relationship between television programming and the viewers is useful.

He mentions that the press is a powerful and influential institution. Arrogant Playboy Itu Suami Aku.

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Much contribute the highest percentage of respondents which is 31 percent followed by moderate with 29 percent. The development gives the impression that the industry is becoming more matured and there have been advancement in the skills and creativity in the local production.

In addition, this chapter will describe the related theory and theoretical framework that been used for this research study.

Please answer all of them. Quantitative and Qualitative Method. Retrieved November 20,from http: